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Pocket Umbrellas

For useful promotional products with an extraordinary user value, choose the folding umbrella from allbranded. Rain is everywhere and hopefully also your customers. Make new customers and old business partners happy, with a very functional thank you. Decorate these folding umbrellas with your company logo or a beautiful slogan and address even people outside of your target group. With these awesome giveaways from allbranded you will definitely increase the positive advertising effect on your company.

Branded folding umbrellas in the allbranded online shop

The UK is a rainy part of Europe. There are many cities, which have been flooded in the past year, including Cambridge, which was caused by heavy rains. It is to no surprise that promotional umbrellas are one of the most used accessories. Especially the handy folding umbrellas are very popular promotional products and are being appreciated by customers very much.

Folding umbrellas: Small helpers

In the year 1928, Hans Haupt revolutionised the umbrella with special mechanics. The so called folding umbrellas, which are connected to the brand ‘Knirps’ are small, useful and can be folded due to their telescopic tube. They can be stored in every handbag and therefore have a place in every purse, office bag and backpack. Because of this unique functionality, folding umbrellas are perfectly suitable for many activities, for example a shopping spree, an open-air concert or a walk in the park. Promotional experts can find many promotional umbrellas in our online shop. How about the open and close folding umbrella, which can be opened and closed just by pressing a button. Or the elegant traveller umbrella in our exclusive design, with super lightweight fibreglass ribs. For special or very important occasions and customers, we would advice you to order the Samsonite Rain Pro Umbrella. The allbranded folding umbrellas are available in many colours. This way, popular items are going to become desired fashion accessories, on which your logo will look fantastic.

The use of folding umbrellas in the advertising business

Studies show, that a promotional product is especially effective if it is useful. Folding umbrellas are one of the best when it comes to efficiency and are especially useful when it comes to the spread of the marketing message. On their large canopy, you can print a logo or a marketing claim, which can be positioned perfectly, and will be very visible on rainy days. Subtle but also very eye-catching, this logo can also be put onto the umbrella sleeve or onto the umbrella closing band. Using folding umbrellas as customer or employee gifts is also a good idea, as they are often lend or given to someone else. This way your message will spread within the users environment. Give away folding umbrellas, for example as giveaways at trade shows, or at recruiting events, or you can even use them as brand ambassadors within internal communications. You will also leave a lasting impression by giving the promotional umbrellas away as part of an outdoor promotional package, consisting of a folding umbrella, a T-shirt and a hat.

Good reasons to buy folding umbrellas at all branded

There are many reasons, which speak for buying branded umbrellas as promotional products in our online shop. Next to the high quality workmanship and the large range of selection, the other aspect, which speaks for the promotional umbrellas, is the decorative logo print. Our competent promotional product advisors will support you to find the right umbrella. Give us a call or send us a message. We will definitely find the right folding umbrella for your target group.

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