Branded Keyrings

During the daily lives, there are always small assistants needed: Flash lights, bottle openers or tools. However often times, these items are not at hand. With the keyring you can easily solve this problem. Your customers will have the small assistant always at hand, with the help of personalised keyrings or keychains from allbranded. In our range of products, you cannot only find handy keyrings, but also classic and modern versions. Choose a suitable colour and we will print the keyring according to your requirements. You can make your customers remember you with the help of many promotional products available at allbranded.

Personalised keychains in corporate design

Keychains or keyrings were, since early on, already decorative elements for keys. Keys are tools to open locks. By putting the key into the keyhole and rotating it, you can enter rooms or open items. They were already used in ancient times and were mentioned the first time in Homeas ‘Odysee’. With the first excavations of Pompeii, the first versions of keys have been found. Nowadays, keys are rarely decorated. Instead, the round part is sometimes covered in coloured plastic. This part of the key is usually called the bow. Every key has a different one. Keys are obviously an everyday item for everyone. At the beginning they were made out of wood, however nowadays they are mostly made out of metal. This way, the keys are more durable and can be used for longer.

As owners of a key or a whole set of keys, you cannot forgo the keychain anymore. To be able to carry all keys within your reach, without the fear of losing any of them, printed keychains are especially useful. At the same time, they are a very trendy fashion accessory, with which you can give your bundle of keys a wholly different look. Promotional keychains personalise keys. They enable a fast and uncomplicated way to be recognised by their owner and make keys easily findable. As promotional products, they are one of the best choices. With a high advertising reach and high usefulness, they can convince every customer.

The benefits of personalised keychains

With personalised lanyards, you can give your target groups the opportunity to make their keys immediately recognisable with the help of their personalised keychains. At the same time, the keychains serve to protect the keys against theft as they are very visible. As a useful helper throughout the day, keychains fulfil all the requirements for effective promotional advertising: Good appearance and usefulness. Thanks to these two characteristics, the advertising effect can be long-lasting while brand impressions can be generated for the brand. Increased brand awareness and caring for special relationships are one of the positive benefits of personalised keychains. Don’t forget: There is nothing you take more into your hands than your own keys and with it, the personalised keychain. Let your company be part of regular contact with these promotional products.

Unique keychains for customers, co-workers and business partners

You yourself know it best, which keyrings or keychains are most suitable for your company and your target group. In the allbranded online shop you can find classic metal keychains as well as special key rings. These special ones can include tools, flashlights, bottle openers and felt pendants. With the help of a print or an engraving, you will personalise the keychains and will always stay in your customer’s minds. If the promotional products are useful, you can be sure, that the keyrings are being used daily.

Variety among keychains

Next to the classic keychains made out of felt, allbranded, your trustworthy keychain supplier, also offers embossed shapes made out of felt, plastic or metal. Special shapes, which are enabled through this method, are for example hearts, cars, puzzle pieces or keys. You can also choose pipe shapes or cow bells for your promotional product. Be the one to shine amongst the crowd and personalise your promotional product with your logo! You can combine colour to match your corporate design even more. If you would like promotional keychains or keyrings with a special function, you should be mindful of the colour contrast, in order to make the promotional products very visible. The customer service at allbranded will gladly help you with the personalisation of your promotional keychains.

Industry specific promotional products: Possible uses of the keychain

Allbranded offers you the possibility to personalise promotional products in a uniform way. Furthermore, our range of keychains is made in a way, so that it can offer industry specific as well as cross industry promotional products. This way, you can advertise your company with the help of personalised keychains at exhibitions and other big events. In doing so it is important to place your logo well visible (and readable) on the promotional product. An example we can give you is the use of the felt-keychain called ‘key shape’ for realtors or housing companies. Another good example is the keychain ‘apartment’ which can be used in specific industries. Although they have a simple design, they are perfect for the use in hotels or apartments. Here we recommend to engrave the hotel room number or the name of the hotel. The devil is in the details.

Use keychains as personalised promotional products

To be able to attract new customers, you should use keychains at exhibitions and other big events and give them out as free giveaways. They are suitable for a large target audience and can represent your company in the best way. Use the extraordinary shapes available at allbranded, which can fit your company or have awesome additions. Clapperboards, sunglasses or locks are only a few of the possibilities, which can be chosen in our online shop. Allbranded will help you with your choice of promotional products and also in making your company a lasting memory.

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