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Branded Stylus Pens

In allbranded’s online shop you can find modern touch pens, which are ideal as a promotional gift in the business environment. In times, where life without smartphones and touch technologies has become unimaginable, a pen, which can do more than just write on a piece of paper, is exactly what is needed. A stylus pen will always be used throughout the day, to either quickly note down some information or enter something into our smartphones. We at allbranded believe that the stylus pen, if used as a giveaway, can say a lot about your company’s high standards and progressive mind set which matches those of your clients.

A contemporary promotional item: the stylus pen

Stylus pens or touch pens are very useful tools when it comes to dealing with electronic devices, which have an integrated touchpad. Nowadays there are a variety of these kinds of products, ranging from computers, handheld consoles, and laptops to tablets, smartphones, keyboards and touchpads. They are designed for easy use however not everyone shares this opinion. This is where the touch pen comes onto the playing field. These branded stylus pens enable you a more precise handling than the fingers, as they are equipped with a thin touch top. By using a stylus pen, you can avoid fingerprints on the screen. Touch pens are mainly used for operating touchscreens and graphics tablets. The digital stylus pen is perfectly suited as a promotional item, due to its various possible application methods. Personalised and very useful to the receiver, it’s the perfect item for advertising your message and it including a great advertising effect!

Stylus pens as branded items at allbranded

All touch pens in the allbranded shop should have the same description: ‘Hard on the outside, soft on the inside!’. They consist of a plastic pen with a softer plastic core, which is meant to enable easy operation, provide stability when using the pen as well as be gentle and avoid damages to the touch screen. With these nifty promotional products you can not only impress tech geeks, but also reach out to a wide public audience. Every owner of a tablet, e-reader, smartphone or laptop is going to love these small gifts. Moreover, in this digital time and age, touch pens are a very popular giveaway item. Their user value is undisputable and will ensure long and regular usage in the office, at home or on the go. Through this, customers, co-workers and business partner will always keep your company logo, which is printed on these promotional pens, in mind. Your company will profit from a long lasting presence as well as new customer acquisitions, generated by these branded pens. If the personalised touch pen is being used quite often, it will generate brand impressions, with people who are located within the user’s environment. Customer acquisition within the digital age – easy and low cost with a personalised stylus pen.

Giving stylus pens branded with your logo away to the public

We at allbranded have a lot of tips on how you can use stylus pens as effective promotional giveaways. The touch pen is a promotional item, which can be addressed at a large target audience. Students, which do not like putting their smartphones away, are very used to using such an accessory and will have fun in doing so. Throughout the day, business people are going to appreciate the benefits of the double-sided application methods of the touch pen. If you and your company are still unsure if the touch pen is the right promotional gift for your target group, this is what you should know: Even if not everybody is going to use the stylus for input purposes, the pen will still generate interest and curiosity with its unique style. Whether it is at a big event or at a personal sales conversation, a touch pen such as this can be given to the other person as a small promotional gift, without seeming too pushy. Additionally you can think about giving the personalised stylus pens away as an in or on-pack to your clientele. As an electronics business you can do this, for example, if clients purchase an e-reader or a tablet. Another option is to use the touch pens as part of a gift set for co-workers, business partners and customers, which can contain many other promotional items. In this instance, we advice you to also include a tablet case, power banks and headphones in your gift set.

Embellished stylus pens with your logo

We at allbranded do certainly not want to restrict you in the design of your promotional touch pen. Your creativity should know no boundaries and we will even help you with creative promotional ideas should you require a little push. Touch pens from allbranded can become a representational expression of your corporate design. First, you should choose the colour of your promotional pen, which should suit the colour of your corporate design, or be in a standard colour like white, black or silver. After that you should focus on the promotional message. At this stage we at allbranded can offer you various options on how to decorate your custom items, such as silkscreen printing or pad printing. You could also choose to engrave your product, which will ensure a more premium design. Decorate your touch pens with your logo, slogan or a personalised message of your choice. Our team at allbranded will support you with the planning and which type of printing method to choose to achieve the best results. Use the merchandising know-how of allbranded for your personal marketing strategy and profit from a faster growth in your clientele. You can also give out the personalised touch pens from allbranded to your existing clients, which will ensure that your clients remember you. Take a look at our offers and order today! We have products available for every target group.

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