Promotional Branded Pencils

In order to draw the attention of a wide range of audiences to your company, in order to attain new business partners or in order to thank old and loyal business partners, you need efficient and beautiful promotional gifts. We are glad that we at allbranded have the solution to your problem. You can now use branded pencils, printed with your logo or slogan as premium promotional gifts in order to successfully draw long lasting attention to your company.

Personalised pencils from allbranded

Next to ballpoint pens, fountain pens and rollerballs, pencils are also very suitable personaliseable promotional items for your company. This writing utensil with embed lead has a long developmental history on its back: Already 5000 years ago, Egyptians used a prototype of the pencil made out of papyrus or bamboo, filled with lead as a writing instrument. Nowadays the pencils are used in many occasions and for many different purposes. They are especially being used for drawings, sketches and taking notes. Compared to other writing instruments, the pencils are characterised by their very light weight. They are also very smudge-proof and each stroke or mistake can easily be corrected with the help of a rubber.

Using custom pencils as promotional products

As promotional items, branded pens in general are very popular. They have a high user value and are suited as a promotional product for various different target groups. Since a big and famous furniture store started using short, branded pencils, their popularity within the promotional industry rose immensely. You can use printed pencils as personalised giveaways at your exhibition booth or as a promotional gift, distributed to young students. Both on the go and at work, the branded pencil is a very popular utensil and can, similarly to the personalised ballpoint pen, achieve a long-lasting marketing effect. You can also provide branded pencils to co-workers and business partners, on occasions like meetings or events at the workplace. Even in these moments you will profit from brand recognition and brand identification.

Advertising environmental friendly with pencils

Pencils, as a writing instrument have several benefits. Beside the possibility to correct and remove written words with the help of a rubber as well as choosing different lead widths for elaborate drawings; they are one of the best environmental friendly promotional products. With pencils made according to you corporate design, you will show your environmental awareness even in small details. Many pencils are coloured with water-based paint, which makes them non-hazardous to the environment and lead, which is made out of graphite is also very harmless to the environment. This is why pencils start to become a promotional item within the environmental friendly range, such as cotton bags or organic foods.

Large selection of printed pencils

We at allbranded want to offer you a large selection in every category of promotional items, in order for you to be able to choose the right item to complement your corporate design. Even in our printed pencil range you can find various different pencils, which can all be personalised according to your needs. You do not necessarily need to choose the wooden version! We also offer promotional pencils as part of a set with different other versions of pens. With a pencil from Stabilo, for example, you choose a writing instrument, which has an ideal futuristic design for right-handed and left-handed individuals. At Prodir you can find the popular propelling pencils and with brands such as Waterman and Parker you can choose between elegant pencils made out of metal, which can be individually engraved and even possess a personalised calendar in an equally elegant design.

Personalising pencils with allbranded

We can design pencils according to your corporate design and will stay true to your requirements. With out various processing options, such as printing or engraving, we can create unique promotional pencils with you. With methods like these even an every day item like a pencil can look extraordinary and will draw attention towards your brand. Start now, with selecting your personalised pencil in the allbranded online shop.

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