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Thermo Flasks

Whether it’s for the purpose of work or for outdoors, thermo flasks always keep your tea or coffee warm. We at allbranded offer many versions of the thermo flasks and other high-quality insulated flasks, which can catch the eye of your target group and spread the message of your brand. Hot coffee, hot chocolate, cold iced tea or juice; the thermo flasks keep the beverages at an optimal temperature and even look good. In the allbranded online shop, you can find thermo flasks in various sizes and colours. Printed with your own logo or slogan, these thermo flasks are the ideal present for very important clients or co-workers.

The personalised thermo flasks from all branded

To be able to enjoy your hot or cold drink at the right temperature, you cannot forgo to use a thermo flask. The double walled products from allbranded have very good insulation as well as integrated drinking cups. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the size and the colours of the flasks and we can also personalise it according to your wishes or according to your corporate design. In order for thermo flasks to be able to function as they were supposed to, the discovery of the insulation principle was necessary. This can be attributed to the Scottish chemist and physicist James Dewar. As early as 1874, Dewar started to build a construct, which was later going to be the first insulated container. Double walled, just like our thermo flasks today, and made out of mirrored glass, the ‘Dewar-container’ was completed in 1893. Next to the Scottish scientist, professor Adolf Ferdinand Weinhold also focused on the insulation principle. In one of his books, Weinhold mentioned today’s predecessor, the vacuum flask. Using these containers for commercial purposes or as promotional products was something no one thought of at that time. The first steps towards these methods of use have been made however by Reinhold Burger. He researched the vacuum containers in more detail, brought in his own ideas and patented the flask in 1903. In the year 1909, the patent was bought by the Thermos AG. They were not only the godfathers of the thermos flask, but also made this invention into a mass product. This was an important step for the thermo flask as an everyday product and as a promotional product as well. Finally, the insulated containers could be brought to the market and made known throughout the public. Nowadays, thermo flasks are part of every household. Whether they are being used for the journey to the university or to school, or accompany you throughout your working day, the thermo flasks can be used for various different occasions and are very useful.

Advertising effect of a branded thermo flask

Some people might ask how thermo flask can convey a positive advertising effect to target groups. Our experts at allbranded can answer this question very easily. Thermo flasks have a high user value, which makes them perfect as promotional products. The more a promotional product is being used, the more the user will come into contact with the advertising message and the more it will have its destined effect on the target person or target group. Your logo or slogan will be noticed more often, which will make the user remember your brand in the long run. Studies have shown, that with 78 % of promotional giveaways, the users have remembered the company name. Furthermore, branded thermo flasks can generate brand impressions among the public, as the user is carrying and using it within viewing range of other people. But thermo flasks are not only good for the brand awareness of your company. They also draw interest from potential new customers and care for the image of the brand. Give away thermo flasks designed according to your corporate requirements to customers, co-workers or business partners and see how the relationship with these target groups becomes stronger. Many Britons are happy to receive promotional products, especially special ones like thermo flasks. Compared to the traditional advertising channels like TV and billboards, promotional products will definitely be more successful and more appreciated.

How to use thermo flasks as promotional products

For your customers, co-workers and business partner, the thermo flask can be a very useful item in their working lives as well as in their free time. The thermo flask can be used as a promotional item at exhibitions, events as well as campaigns. We recommend you to use thermo flasks as promotional gifts to birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries. Especially for beverage producers as well as sports clubs, thermo flasks are the perfect item for this target group. Occasions, where thermo flasks can be used, are, for example, at a hiking trip, or as a giveaway for new employees. Even for your marketing campaign, thermo flasks are the perfect way to advertise in a unique way.

Various varieties for every occasion

Our big range of thermo flasks, can keep their promises. They have a contemporary and modern design as well as an athletic look. As high quality produce, they are totally leak proof. They are perfectly insulated, which keeps the beverages hot or cold throughout the day. Next to the classical thermo flasks, which are perfect for the office, you can also purchase smaller vacuum flasks made out of premium steel. With their small size and their light weight, these aluminium flasks from allbranded are perfect for when you are on the go, and you want your coffee to stay hot throughout your journey. This is why we offer the product ‘Montana’ in our online shop, which comes with a very elaborate carrier bag. This flask is not only high in quality, but with the carrier bag it makes for a perfect travel item.

Personalisation at the allbranded online shop for a huge advertising effect

With different methods like silkscreen printing or engraving, you are being given the choice, to personalise your thermo flask at allbranded. With out pantone colour matching assistant, you can be sure that the colours you choose will be the same as with your corporate design. By putting your logo or slogan onto the product, you can be sure that your advertising message will be seen and will have the optimal advertising effect. Get ready for increased brand awareness and brand recognition. Your company will profit from these two effects very quickly – with allbranded as your partner in terms of personalised thermo flasks and 50.000 more promotional products to choose from.

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