Printing techniques and finishing of promotional products at allbranded

It is essential to put your logo perfectly in scene on the advertising material in order to convey your message in the most effective way possible. An original promotional product beyond boring standard ones, in combination with your company logo, can achieve undivided attention and high recognition value. Therefore, allbranded lets you individually customise your promotional products in an easy and comfortable process. Impress customers, colleagues and business partners with unique advertising material and giveaways.

allbranded offers various finishes and printing options:

Screen Printing On Promotional Material

Screen printing is a method where the print design is slightly pressed onto the promotional material. The color is applied to the basic material through a sieve. This is the standard printing method for e.g. key chains and textiles.

Sublimation Printing / Thermo Printing / Photo Printing On Promotional Products

Sublimation printing, also called thermo printing or photo printing, means that colours are steamed onto the surface of the promotional material at a high temperature. This allows to apply more detailed patterns and photos and make your personal giveaways even more vivid. Sublimation printing can only be applied to smooth surfaces and is usually done on polyester. A broad range of colours can be used for this method.

Pad Printing On Advertising Products

The special feature about pad printing is that the design is applied to the promotional product with a stamp. Pad printing may be the most affordable and most functional printing method for your personal advertising. The advantage of this method is that also round surfaces can also printed, e.g. for cups.

Weaving On Promotional Products

The so called embroidery or weaving method means that the logo is directly weaved or stitched onto the textile. A main advantage is the long durability and the great quality of the printing method. Is can only be applied to textiles and fabric with a few colours and little detail. It is usually used for key chains, polo shirts or t-shirts.

Embossing On Advertising Material

The embossing method is characterised through direct stamping of the print design onto the advertising material, making it protrude into the inside. Embossing gives the promotional message a long durability, but it is not possible for all promotional products. It is often applied to textiles, fabrics and leather as well as plastics.

Doming On Promotional Products

Doming is a new form of coating for promotional products. It achieves the reverse effect of embossing – the message stands out through a coating, attracting a high level of attention. Doming is a method that achieves an exceptionally high quality.

Engraving and Milling On Promotional Material

Engraving and milling on promotional products means that the advertising message is directly milled onto the product. It has a luxury look and provide a noble touch to your individual giveaways and merchandise articles. This process can be applied to hard surfaces like glass, porcelain, metal or timber.

Other possibilities are laser engraving on promotional gifts as well as CO2 laser engraving, which might be suited better depending on the surface.

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