Branded Accessories

The Online Shop from allbranded offers you a wide selection of cheap and popular eye-catching accessories. The practical promotional products are ideal for a number of occasions, such as employee loyalty and customer acquisition. Whether hand towel, reflector, spectacles case or Pin Socket: All advertising materials are available in different colors and can be printed according to your individual wishes. In this way they ensure surprise and attention to the recipient and the advertising effect your campaign deserves.

Trendy promotional products: Branded clothing

People say that clothes make the man, which is true: Look at your customers, employees and business partners as people, who protect themselves from the cold with the help of clothing. For these people, clothing is not only protection. It is also an expression of the personality. Clothing can also be used as a medium for your company. Branded clothing, especially printed menswear and printed women’s wear has a wide reach for your brand. The ASI Impressions Study has shown, that a single T-shirt can generate up to 1763 brand impressions in its product life cycle. With caps, there are even 2774 instances of eye contact with your brand. Used as promotional gifts, the personalised clothing from allbranded can definitely win new customers over, thanks to their premium quality and original designs. With the help of printed clothing, you can also care for already existing relationships with old customers. Clothing does not only make the man but is also advertising for your company.

The effect of promotional clothing

The idea to use printed menswear or printed women’s wear as promotional products has many benefits for you and your company. First of all, promotional products form this category have one of the longest-lasting advertising effect. In general, they stay one or two years with the target group and can integrate your brand into the daily lives of customers, clients, business partners and employees for months at a time. During this time, they generate brand impressions within the environment of the user. This way your advertisements reach a large audience and draw attention to your brand. The advertisements are authentic, as they give a face to the brand. They users become brand ambassadors by deciding to voluntarily wear the clothing. With clothing as promotional products, you will let customers, co-workers and business partners speak for you.

Printed clothing for employees

Uniform clothing during working hours increases the affiliation of a group or individual people. Like in popular sports with a T-Shirt, you can also support the link between your employees and the company with the help of printed T-Shirts. It will be easier for customers to identify your employees this way. This way, customers will know, who to go to if they have questions or requests. These employee gifts have many benefits for you and the company.

Personalised clothing for every target group

In the allbranded online shop you can find a large range of promotional clothing, which can be designed according to your corporate design. Next to leisure clothing and functional clothing, you can also choose work clothes and protective clothing for men and women, as well as upper body clothing and lower body clothing such as underwear. In the allbranded online store you can find categories such as shirts, blouses, jackets and vests as well as sweatshirts, pullovers and T-shirts for even the smallest members of your target group.

Personalise clothing with a promotional print

In our online shop you can find, next to the popular T-shirts, also many other kinds of clothing items. Whether you are looking for sweatshirts, jackets, blouses, shirts or caps: All products can be ordered in various colours and decorated with the help of various printing techniques. Order a promotional gift, which is eye-catching and make your company seem authentic. Our competent promotional experts will gladly advise you personally, so that you can find the ideal promotional product for your next event. This way, you will create a unique item, according to your company look, which will enable your target group to memorise your company.

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