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Laptop Cases

The promotional products with the highest impact are these that can be used in everyday life. They help with the safe transport of your laptop and can prevent damage due to their integrated padding. In our allbranded online store, different models of the laptop case can be individualized with your logo, photo or slogan and serve as a spokes model for your business. With our huge colour and material choices, we can design any bag in your corporate design in your desired quantity. Customer individualized mass production is our secret. You can still not decide for one computer case or you’re not sure how the design will look like? You can use our personal customer service for that.

The laptop case – eternal companion

Laptops accompany you and your target group every single day. They are no rarity in job and student lives as well as in our everyday world. They offer protection and an easy way to transport notebooks, so every laptop user needs them, which makes these cases the perfect advertising medium. They are useful and commonly used. This way, the name of the company will remain in the memory of the owners… and even more: Other people will also see the print of your company on these cases. Like this, brand impressions and new customers can be easily generated.

The choice of the right advertising laptop cases

Even with extraordinary promo items you’ll be surprised of the huge variety that we offer. If you choose the promo laptop case, you first have to think of the right size. These are always listed in inches. The most common sizes of laptop cases are 13,3, 15,4 and 17,3 inches. If you choose, you should check if it’s the right size for your notebook, because otherwise the notebook might not be supported well enough, which could lead to scratches and bumps. For additional space, these cases often have separate pockets for pc mice or a USB flash drive. Besides the size, the material is also crucial. Notebook cases can be made of polyester, and even of neoprene. Especially the latter is very useful, because it protects the mobile computer of liquids. But these laptop cases can also be used for an elegant performance: The leather variant with engraving leaves a positive impression of your company and is especially welcome in business. Also PolyTex is a possible material for your laptop case. Besides the standard model of these cases with integrated carrying handle, there are also laptop backpacks and trolleys that can be customized with your logo. They are especially robust, spacious and easy to transport. For us, modernity is very important when it comes to promotional products and that’s why we offer so many different laptop cases in the allbranded online store. Different laptops need different models. You’ll definitely find the right case in our store and if not, don’t hesitate to ask: We often can also individualize products that you cannot find in our shop.

Technology and promotional products

Promotional products are also very popular in the technology sector. Not only because of the endless possibilities that go along with this sector. A lot of technical products, such as power banks or USB flash drives can serve as an promotional product. They are special and useful products, as well as our laptop cases or tablet cases with logo. Especially with more expensive purchases like a laptop, these giveaways can be used as on- or inpack or as a present for good customers. Customers that you want to meet with special attention, become regular customers more easily. It’s safe to say: Technology and promotional products match!

Individuality with allbranded

The individuality of the products is as important as their user value. This is possible due to their imprint. There is no limit to your creativity: whether logo, slogan or photo, we fulfil all your wishes. With the pantone colour system you can choose between over 1500 colours in order to make a unique item out of every laptop case.