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Low Cost Branded Lighters

Whether at exhibitions, at the work place or in everyday situations. Lighters are always asked for and people are happy to receive them as promotional products. Whether they should strengthen the customer relationship or make the own brand more attractive, or even just increase brand awareness: the printed lighters of allbranded are the optimal choice for your advertising campaign. The low price, in connection with the strong advertising effect, offers you the basis for a successful marketing campaign. You can personalise it with your logo or slogan and increase the rate of customer acquisitions immensely.

Cheap Lighters - Light Up Your Marketing Campaign

Printed lighters are usually always carried in the bag, which makes the brand transportable. Because of the great popularity of the products, you can be sure, that the promotional product will always find an owner. For example, this item can be given out at exhibitions in combination with some competitions or with subscribing to newsletters as free giveaways. Promotional lighters are available in many different colours and can be personalised in many different ways. For version made out of plastic and metal we can use the pad printing method. Next to disposable branded lighters with integrated bottle opener and a friction wheel, you can also find refillable electro lighters, mini-versions and 5 coloured Herkelin products in our online shop.

Cheap promotional lighters as promotional products for a successful marketing campaign

The benefits, which you receive by using giveaways, are very obvious. They make everyone happy with their high everyday use, big popularity and are always well received as promotional gifts. They are cheap and can be personalised according to colour, version and printing method.

Branded Lighters of Good quality

The promotional products form the brand Tom have all been tested by a testing authority and you can be sure that they will conform to all the EU safety regulations. Moreover, they are fitted with a child safety lock, to prevent accidents, without making the use uncomfortable. Regardless of their low price, the environmental aspect cannot be amiss. These products can be recycled and are free from toxic substances.

The right choice of lighter for promotional purposes

Our promotional product advisors will support you with the right choice of products and branding techniques, so that your product will become a personalised marketing tool. Whether online or at the phone, we can make your brand stand out from the crowd.

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