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Bic Lighters

Allbranded offers you effective advertising, combined with handy gifts, which everyone is going to be happy to receive. Handy and premium branded BIC lighters are especially suitable for this, as they are an everyday item – whether at home for a romantic candlelight dinner or on the go for a quick smoke. Make your customers and business partners happy and give them a personalised giveaway from allbranded.

BIC lighters – a bright idea

Founded in 1990 in Paris, by Baron Marcel Bich, it is today one of the biggest manufacturers for lighters, ballpoint pens and shaving equipment. Already early in the history of the company, BIC showed, that it is an expert for promotional products. Not only their ballpoint pen received the status of being the most popular writing instrument in the world, but also the BIC lighters are popular within the promotional products industry. Since 1972, BIC manufactures their lighters according to approved security standards in the typical oval shape. Within the manufacturing process, BIC is emphasising simplicity, high quality and security. It is, compared to many other companies, reliable when it comes to answering the demand on the market, with the help of continuous research and development. Innovative and reliable – those are the lighters from BIC, which are perfect as everyday items for your customers and ambassadors for your brand. Let quality products speak for your company.

Versatile promotional products: BIC lighters in various versions

The brand BIC does not only stand for quality and efficiency in promotional products, they also stand for the variety of promotional BIC lighters as handy companions throughout the day. Whether in women’s purses, in shirts, trouser pockets or at home in the kitchen drawer; everyone has a lighter at hand. However, there are also different versions of this promotional item: Whether you choose one with a friction wheel function or with an electronic button; maxi or regular sized. You can find various BIC lighters in the allbranded online shop and personalise each and every one of them. You will make your customers keep your company in good memory, with these lighters at hand. Next to the uniqueness of branded BIC lighters, these products are also very popular promotional items. They are internationally known for their longevity and quality. Let your customers and business partners profit from this characteristics and make them happy with a personalised BIC lighter from allbranded.

Use BIC lighters as promotional products

BIC lighters are very suitable as small thank yous, to spread your brand among your target group: Small but handy, these lighters are a daily companion for many people. They usually live through many owners, which will make your logo seen by many different groups such as potential customers or business partners. We call this phenomenon brand impressions. These do not only help to care for your brand image, but also with the establishment of new relationships. This way, you can use premium lighters as an extraordinary customer gift. Another benefit of promotional BIC lighters as promotional products? Their longevity promises a sustainable advertising effect for you, as these products are often used longer than a year.

Printed BIC lighters at concerts & co

You are convinced of the effect of promotional products, do however not know which occasion you can use them for? Our competent allbranded team will be able to help you with these sorts of questions. Promotional BIC lighters are perfect as giveaways at events and concerts. Because of their emotional connection to the event, lighters are one of the basic equipment for these occasions. Surprise co-workers and customers with personalised branded BIC lighters at your events. Even as giveaways at exhibitions and as small gifts among informational material, these lighters can be incorporated everywhere as promotional products.

Branded BIC lighters at all branded

Premium products such as the BIG lighters are an amazing product to spread your marketing message with. The most important aspect for this? Your personalised design. At allbranded the personalisation of promotional products is especially important for us. With various methods we can manufacture unique items for you. This way, you can represent your corporate design with the help of the promotional products form BIC. Print your logo, easy and without any problems at the allbranded online store.

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