Branded Pen Sets

In allbranded’s online shop you can find pen sets, which are the perfect promotional product. Containing a pencil and a ballpoint pen, owning and giving away such an item will be an extreme delight. Our products will support not only your individual design but also increase brand recognition. You can target a wide target audience with pens, which carry your own logo. Regardless whether they are students, professionals or seniors, by giving out this promotional gift, everyone will receive a daily companion, which people will reach for more than once. We at allbranded believe, that hardly any other promotional items are being used as often as the writing set. Regardless whether it’d be at a conference, at an exhibition or during a customer conversation, the handy gift pen set has a big impact on all users.

Pen sets as practical companions for your target group

Pen sets usually contain different kinds of branded pens, sometimes a small notebook and a rubber. They are geared towards practicality, which should make them suitable to carry around and stay mobile. That way, the small bags with their useful content are useable every day and at every time. Whether it’d be at the office desk, on the go or at home, the products of this category do convince. With the pen sets from our online shop, you can equip your customers, co-workers and business partners with the necessary basics, which will be used every day. Ballpoint pens and pencils are essential for every day as well as the working life. We at allbranded offer you these promotional pen sets and enable you to address a wider target group with your company’s philosophy, without seeming too keen. You can always count on these functional sets to achieve useful, long-lasting effects, which will benefit you and your business.

The full range of custom pen sets in allbranded’s online shop

Using custom writing sets or pen sets as promotional merchandise is a smart move. Although they are everyday items, as promotional products however, they are a rare sight. Many times companies personalise branded pens and use them as giveaways, however the significance of pen sets is often neglected. For no reason, we at allbranded think, as pen sets have a lot to offer! The multi-piece sets offer a larger advertising space for your message, enable a versatile user experience and are adjustable for every target group and purpose. The set can definitely score in terms of versatility. We offer sets in various colours, which allow you to consider your target group’s personal preferences. Purchase a couple of these items with different designs and form a personal relationship with your customers, co-workers and business partners. This is the reason we offer pen sets, which are targeted at younger people. A colourful design, integrated rubbers and different colourful drawing pens belong to the equipment of this kind of set. A clear contract to the playful sets, are the pen sets in an elegant etui. You can find a combination of metal ballpoint pens and fountain pens, as well as a personalised card, perfectly nestled into the gift box. The fact that these promotional pen gift sets represent the good taste of your company is without question. You can opt for a promotional message by printing or by engraving the sets. Don’t hesitate to personalise these giveaways for clients and business partners with your own personal message.

Using pen sets as promotional items for every occasion

We at allbranded will gladly supply you with ideas how and when to use personalised pen sets as giveaways. The harmonious use of promotional merchandise is very crucial for the development of your advertising effect. If you stand in constant contact with your clients, it is easy to send pens and ballpoint pens as small gifts, which can put a smile on the recipients face. If you and your company take part in in a conference or in an exhibition, you can display the pen sets beautifully at your booth. By doing this, the attendees will take notice of your booth and will not be disappointed when it comes to positive memories of your company. Especially with your target audience, you will not be limited if you choose our pen sets. With these useful promotional items you will nail every acquisition of new customers. Moreover, you effectively display your logo or slogan and present yourself to a wide target group.

Premium pen sets by traditional brands

The value of our writing sets or pen sets does not only show in their design and their high-quality material which have been crafted into a set beautifully – also the brand names with their longstanding tradition, which stand behind every pen set, speak for the quality of these original promotional gift pen sets. In allbranded’s online shop you can find, for example, sets by Waterman, the worlds second largest manufacturer of fountain pens, which can look back on a hundred years of company history. The American Parker Pen Company is also represented among our writing sets, whose founding date can be traced back to the year 1888. You can expect tradition coupled with innovation at the same time. Even the French haut couture creator Balmain, presents premium gift pen sets with ballpoint pens and fountain pens, which can be individualised according to your corporate design. When choosing your branded pen sets you can rely on the power of the brand and can present yourself to your target groups with premium promotional pen sets.

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