Printed Bags and Luggage

We all have need of bags & luggage, many even daily: Whether when shopping with best friends or the daily food shopping or when traveling on business. For many - especially the female sex - bags and luggage are not only a means to an end, but also an accessorie and jewelry. Therefore make no mistake with individually printed models of allbranded and convince the customers with these promotional items. Choose from a variety of models for your personal favorites such as a casual cotton bag, a trendy belt bag or a practical handle bag. You cannot do nothing wrong with the promotional gifts, so start with this promotion!

Bags & luggage for every occasion from allbranded

No matter what your goal, a kind of bag we have is actually always the faithful companion. allbranded provides you with bags and luggage for many occasions and for a wide range of different target groups, so your advertising item is selected for the right purpose and adapted to the nature and manner of use. There are both practical cotton bags that are perfect for shopping and transport, and reliable belt bags that can keep keys securely stowed or pretty Henkel bags that are perfect for a relaxed shopping trip to the city. Also the customizable letter bags are not to be forgotten, because particularly a wallet with logo print is an advertising item that your customers, employees and business partners have in their hands on a daily basis. This way your advertising message is engraved in their memory and creates a memory value for your business.

Personalised Bags & luggage in use

But where can now your promotional gifts be most useful? Certainly is a small stand on a sunny day in the city center very good. Talk to passers-by and ask them if they would like to receive a small shopping companion as a promotional gift. People will be grateful for this helpful attention. Or in the foyer or in the entrance area of shopping centers you will be able to reach so many people and so thanks to the giveaways keep good memories. Also you can distribute bags of allbranded perfectly at trade fair stands. The visitors will appreciate this gesture and the sympathy value of your advertisement campaign increases. The high-quality messenger bags and business bags also address one more very important target group: your employees. For example, you can give new employees for the first working day different work materials, such as pens, blocks, calendars and the messenger bag so they feel welcome already. Also the wallets are appropriate employee gifts with high-quality charm. So you can give the personalised leather version to your employees.

Luggage as advertising article: your brand on travel

Alongside bags, luggage is a very prominent advertising products which are mainly suitable for tour operators and hotels. You can keep ready in the hotel for your guests cultural and carrying bags to make their stay even more enjoyable. Also storage containers with your company logo's are ideal as a box for smaller objects such as keys or coins, that on the other hand, are quickly lost during travel. Accompany your target group on their travel and stay remembered with the high-quality advertising items from allbranded.

Individualisation of Luggage & Bags with logo print

Customisation is for allbranded a very important word, because with this process stands and falls the advertising effect of a promotional article. In the allbranded online shop all promotional products are available in different colors and can be printed with your logo so we allow precise adjustment to your corporate design! So your customers can not only find out from whom this useful promotional material comes, but ideally are also more people attentive to your company and your products by statement bags & luggage.

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