Promotional Backpacks

A particularly noticeable advertising space offer the custom printed backpacks from allbranded. They are real trendy article and can be combined versatilely, so to adjust to any outfit of your target group and are regularly used in everyday life. Your logo on the backpack is a real eye-catcher - whether on the road, in the university or at work. Offer backpacks in the companies, look to your customers, employees and business partners as a commercial quality and aesthetic advertising material. With allbranded opt for a reliable partner in the area of promotional products. We create for you a unique advertising backpack, entirely according to your wishes and requirements.

Custom Printed backpacks attract attention

As an accessory to inspire, backpacks go back for a considerable period of time. Since the beginning of primary school, they are involved in the everyday life of people, serving as storage and transport subject for spring bag, lunch box and bottle. But with age the popularity of the backpack does not diminish, instead they are often use as a helper for excursions and trips to carry all kinds of things with you. With allbranded, you can convert the backpack to your advertising media. In this way the everyday object can with printing, due to its spread and popularity, effectively advertise for you and your company. Backpacks and bags are the most popular promotional items in the UK. Inspire employees? Retain customers? Maintain business partnerships? With the customised backpacks you reach advertising effects that could not have been expected from the aesthetic utility object!

Advantages of the personalized backpacks

How can backpacks promote your company? Designed as a promotion article in your corporate design backpacks are marked with the characteristics of a necessary everyday object: they are aesthetical and serve as an accessory for your target groups. Also they make a large value for customers, employees, or business customers, with which a frequent use of this advertising article is guaranteed. So your brand is always present with the owners of the backpacks, imprinting with this promotion measure a high memory value and collecting considerable sympathy values with your target groups. In addition, through the wearing of the backpack in the company look more customers can look closely at your business. Backpacks offer a very showy advertising space. Furthermore, by wearing your advertising backpack, the wearer suggests that he is very satisfied with your company and its services. Consider the personalizable backpacks not only as useful objects to your customers, employees and business partners, but also as an aesthetic canvas for your advertising message.

Backpacks as promotional gifts for your customers

Backpacks with logo print have convinced you? No wonder with the very good price-performance ratio at allbranded. But how should the advertising products be used? The high-quality backpacks from allbranded are ideal as a gift for customers at special occasions: not only at Christmas or birthdays rejoice your customers with this original advertising media. The advertising article is also suitable in the context of a sporting event of your company as a giveaway for your guests. For example, you can organize an exclusive tour for customers, employees, business partners or company management? Then you hand to every visitor an individual backpack filled with branded chocolate, a towel, a pair of sunglasses and a T-Shirt. The advertising article of this type offers many more possibilities. Feel free to contact our competent service team for advice and recommendations.

Backpacks in Bulk

If you are looking to order a large quantity of customised company backpacks, make use of the allbranded online store and the bulk order discounts that we can offer. When ordering a large quantity of items, production can (usually) cost a lower price per unit, resulting in savings, more products to giveaway and increased results from your promotional campaign! Furthermore, bulk orders result in savings when it comes to shipping and delivery.

The individualization of backpacks in the allbranded

At allbranded Onine Shop you will find a wide variety of variants of the backpack. Whether cooling backpack, city bag, laptop backpack or fanny pack, they have one thing in common: the most important for the effect of your promotional backpack is the advertising. With a wide range of finishing techniques of high-quality embroidery to elegant printing we can design the backpacks closely in your Corporate look. This is the only way your target groups can connect this original advertising materials and your company and keep you in particularly good memories. Only the color selection and the logo print will make your selected backpack a unique piece, that is not only noticeable, but also worn on a daily basis.

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