Branded Wallets

An promotional item, that has it all: The wallet is a wonderful promotional gift for your loyal customers, employees or business partners. They are of high quality and can be customized in a variety of ways and so be the noble advertising ambassador for your brand. With allbranded, you can use the items in this category according to your wishes and Corporate Design. Personalize your wallet with logo or slogan on the allbranded Online Shop. We are your reliable partner for advertising with personality.

Advertising Products with personality: the wallet

In a wallet we often put what means a lot to us. Not only money but also photos of our children, identity cards or memorabilia find their place in the practical pockets. If we have something always with us, then it is our wallet. Its content is elementary in everyday life and has personal value for each one of us. This proximity to a haptic product makes it also very effective as an advertising item. When owner develops an emotional bond to an advertising article, as the case with wallets is likely, this customer is also bound to the advertiser company. There is always a connection between a company and its chosen advertising Products: your choice and quality is always also an association. Properties of an advertising article can be transferred also to the reputation of a company.

Advertise With Wallets

Wallets are noble advertising material. They are well suited as gifts. As banks you can gift your loyal customers with individualized wallets as attention for their Birthday. They can also be motivating gifts for your employees or as a sign of appreciation to the business partners. By their value wallets can have a special advertising effect. It has benn proven that advertising Products, which are characterized by a personal value and usefulness for your target group, establish a special relationship between the company and the recipient. These include wallets with printing, engraving or embroidery.

Wallets of all kinds

Wallets are like mirrors of the soul: Some people like it is large and with many compartments, another like it small and practical, some wallets are well sorted, others not overlook their disorder. Therefore we at allbranded online shop offer a wide collection of high-quality wallets in different shapes, colors and materials suitable to any taste. Are you looking for a promotional item, that fits a 100% to your target group! A tip from us: Suitable for our wallets, there is also a wide range of customizable messenger bags in our assortment. You can create a unified design and give away sets!

Individualisation and personalization

When we think of advertising article, then a company logo or advertising slogan are a part of this. Without any advertising, promotional Products can rarely achieve the advertising effect you desire with a logo or slogan. This is why we at allbranded always recommend the decoration of the wallet in your corporate design. So memory value for your company and brand is safe and the wallet can unfold their effect freely. It also helps the personalization directly in a unique way, which is not so easy to forget. With your customization you can ensure that it is more than a wallet: it can be your authentic and personal ambassador, who is in direct contact with your target group.

Order merchandise at allbranded

Around 50,000 advertising Products can be found in the online shop of allbranded. You can freely have them individualized according to your wishes and ideas. For your wallet, you only have to follow 3 steps: The color selection, corporate gifts imprintts and determine the number of the desired Products. Here the transparent price for your order is continuously displayed so that you always keep an eye on this. With allbranded the personalization is a children's game. Now start with the creation of your advertising uniques!

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