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Promotional sunglasses are a classic; in terms of offering both protection against UV rays and as a fashionable accessory. Thus, branded sunglasses make the ideal promotional gift for young and old. Whether in the summer or winter, as long as the sun shines, you will be seeing these accessories everywhere. Sunglasses are not just a seasonal item anymore and are highly popular as giveaway gifts at festivals, as are our lanyards, bags, pens, shirts and branded bottles. Depending on the model, you can underline a casual, sporty, cool or classic look. Therefore, sunglasses are suitable for almost all target groups, as are our keyrings, mugs, pens, bags, umbrellas and other branded products. All these accessories are highly customizable. The advertising effects are optimized in its everyday use and so your logo is always visible when the sun is shining.

Allbranded offers you a wide variety of sunglasses and other promotional products, such as branded bags, pens, mugs and bottles in every imaginable colour. So, you can find the style perfectly suited for your brand. For example, everyone knows sunglasses in the colour neon and has seen them at every party where the sun shines! Elegantly print your logo on the arm of the accessory and reap the rewards that promotional products offer.


Sunglasses are giveaways but do not change their owners regularly as printed lighters and pens do. This means that it has a long term appeal on wearers who promote a different form of marketing due to its visibility and regular use/contact. In particular the variants of brightly coloured frames are frequently hand selected by customers to coordinate their daily outfits. With the selection of sunglasses as advertising products you provide for a marketing message that is eye-to-eye and therefore consistently visible, much like our collection of accessories that include keyrings, pens, bags, pencils, mugs, umbrellas, bottles and printed bags.


  • Eye-to-eye visibility
  • High usability
  • Compact and portable (folders)
  • Used in a wide range of events
  • Classic and stylish accessories
  • Includes young target audience
  • Eco-friendly
  • UV and sun protection
  • Excellent gifts


At allbranded you will find a wide range of attractive advertising spectacles - ranging from retro versions to eco-friendly bamboo, foldable forms to sports goggles. We also make use of various colours, perfectly suited as an advertising medium for world championships and the Olympic Games. The allbranded shop offers a wide variety of promotional sunglasses and other branded accessories. Except the shutter glasses our selection offer UV protection, the efficiency of which will vary depending on the category (category 0 corresponds to a light emission level out of 100 percent).


The possibilities of these accessories as a promotional gift are many. You can give away sunglasses and other products such as branded mugs, bags and bottles on the first day of a new season. With your logo on the frame, the advertisement effect will last for at least two seasons. With our printing expertise, allbranded makes your individual sunglasses an eye-catching promotion. You want your company to be extravagant? So we recommend you sunglasses in your CI colours and a logo print on both temples! If you are looking for a more subtle form of advertising, we will print your logo or your advertising message as per your instructions.


  • Numerous models available e.g. Sun Ray, Wayfarer etc
  • Large array of materials e.g. bamboo, metal, plastic etc
  • Eco-friendly versions available
  • Printing on any part
  • Colours
  • Engraved or printed
  • Tinted or mirrored
  • Folders available


Sunglasses are ideally suited as a promotional gift for particularly loyal business customers, much like our personalized promotional caps, pens, pencils, mugs, bags, umbrellas, USB sticks, clocks, shirts and products and accessories. Mirrored or tinted glasses, colourful frame, elegant design or natural and eco-friendly, the printed promotional glasses, designed with your logo, is an accessory for every day. Once you have selected your favourite glasses, select the colour and quantity as well as the desired printing technique. Before you know it, you will be able to set forth of your advertising campaign. Empower your advertising message with an engraving or printing and witness how much attention it bags.

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