Promotional Cooler Bags

The ideal companion for the summer: the cooling bag. As accessory with commercial value that will accompany people through the summer, on bicycle tours or on trips to the beach. In the allbranded online shop you can print this commercial quality everyday object with logo or slogan so as to draw attention to your company. With the professional and eye-catching imprint of allbranded is your brand easily spotted on the beach and in the summer for the high season of your business. Browse in the category of "cooling bags" for the ideal advertising medium for your advertising message, make it in your corporate colors and print or embroider the cooling bag with your company logo!

Branded Cooling bags for summer advertising

Cooling advertising summer bags have a clear commercial value: they serve for cooling of the food and the drinks, but also for cooling other needy things such as medicines or cosmetics. The bags find their application in the leisure time, sport and travel. Thanks to insulation and the insertion of a cooling packs, they produce cool temperatures in the summer, and protect from the heat. The thicker the heat insulating layer of aluminum, the more effective the protection. Customize the cooling bags from the allbranded Online Shop to your brand as integral part of the everyday life of your (potential) customers, employees or business partners and at the same time to choose an advertising article that is exceptional!

Advertising impact of individualised branded coolers

Cooling bags have a clear commercial value. Thanks to their unique function, the cooling of the food or drinks, it is very likely that the promotion cooling bag is used regularly. Survey found, that advertising Products are applied with a high utility value on average per year. Distribute these promotional products, allow your company a permanent presence in the vicinity of your target groups. But the cooling bags are not only useful, they are very exceptional and catch strong attention: in addition to pens, cups and key bands these promotional Products look very exclusive. They have a very high value and stand out from the mass of common promotional gifts. So reach achieve a real pole position in the race for the attention of the recipient for your brand.

To advertise with the personalised cooling bag

Thematic allusions are not a problem with advertising Products. So the cooling bags are ideal advertising medium when summer is nourished in rapid moves. We therefore recommend the seasonal use of cooling bags with logo, since this article works its commercial value in the summer in earnest. Thus, the advertising impact with the cooling bags is significantly higher in the summer. Your customers, employees and partners will be reminded to your business, thanks to the expressive and eye-catching advertising. It is also possible that you give your customers this cooling bag as part of an action to match the purchase of ice creams or drinks or at trade fairs and events.

Design of the custom cooling bag at allbranded

Advertising Products must be individualized to create a recognition value for your brand. This is why an individual and corporate design at the cooling bags is important, so that not only the article stands out as a particularly noticeable aesthetic but also speaks directly to your brand. Print or embroider you cooling bag with your logo, a summer slogan or a photo. Also select colors, according to your corporate design, in order to create a strong link between your company and the original promotional material. The allbranded team is glad to advise you when choosing your cooling bag, because they differ in material, size, design and cooling performance. Now start the individualisation!

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