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At allbranded you can find many inexpensive wristbands in many different shapes and colours. Regardless whether it’s a regular wristband, a festival wristband or a snap-wristband: Allbranded is your partner when it comes to high-quality promotional wristbands with a personalised print. Because of their low production costs, wristbands are classic giveaways, which are being given at big events to participants or as an add-on to purchase products. Especially children are happy about these colourful eye-catchers. Use the popularity of this promotional item for your marketing campaign and order your personalised wristband at the allbranded online shop today.

The wristband as a promotional item: How everything started

Promotional wristbands are accessories, which you wear at your wrist. The idea of wristbands goes far back to the beginnings of humanity. Even in the early Stone Age, simple or more elaborate, wristbands were very popular. The wrist accessories were at first made out of organic material, like animal teeth and amber. The materials and the production of wristbands advanced with the ability of humans to process copper and bronze. But the wristbands were not always used as accessories and decoration. They were also used as shields. For the Celtics, wristbands were a sign of nobility and expression of the position of power. Today, wristbands are one of the most demanded promotional products. Many of the varieties at allbranded have a modern touch, which makes the user forget that they are as much as a wristband as those being traced back to the Stone Age. As promotional products, promotional wristbands are, thanks to their appearance, very effective.

The wristband as the ultimate fashion accessory for your target group

Even in ancient times and the Middle Ages, silver and metal wristbands decorated with gemstones, represented their owner’s wealth. Today they are being used as a fashionable accessory, which matches the belt, shoes or other clothing items, or are being preserved as keepsakes. The accessory is also a very popular gift for Christmas or for birthdays. The trend of printed wristbands, made out of silicon, started with a really cool campaign. In the year 2004, the professional cyclist Lance Armstrong was wearing a bright yellow wristband with the print ‘Livestrong’ during the Tour de France. This was not only a representation of his lifestyle, but also showed, Armstrong’s mentality regarding his fight against cancer. It helped him live through his illness. After that, celebrities worldwide, showed solidarity with Armstrong. The result of this was, the sale of 70 million printed wristbands with the profit donated to support people with cancer. Advertising companies have realised the value of those promotional wristbands and started using them for their own benefit. The wristbands are still in fashion to this day. Their main function is to represent statements. If that is not also useful for promotional messages we don’t know. Start following this trend and print our high-quality wristbands with your message. Thanks to their bright colours they are a real eye-catcher.

Personalisation of brand able wristbands

The personalisation of your promotional products is a very important process for the advertising effect. Decorate your promotional products with your logo, slogan or a marketing message. The design of the promotional wristbands according to your corporate look, can be done at allbranded, with the help of silkscreen printing, pad printing, embossment and engraving. This item can become one of your most successful brand ambassadors.

No event without a personalised wristband

A special occasion to use personalised wristbands, are events. Here the wristbands do not only play a decorative role. They can be used for organisational purposes. You can use the promotional wristbands instead of entry ticket and mark your visitors with personalised wristbands. Through a far-reaching distribution at exhibitions and as an alternative to lanyards, promotional wristbands are inexpensive accreditation tools. In eye-catching colours, they will be worn by the customers for other occasions, as they have a personal value, being keepsakes from concerts or other events. This way, your message will be spread among the public and will also be memorised by the wearer of the printed wristband as well as their close environment.

Promotional trend: The personalised USB wristband

Among our wristbands at allbranded, you can find a few very creative items, which are not only suitable for events and exhibitions, but also as premium promotional gifts. A very special highlight of the digital age is the USB wristbands. These are plastic wristbands integrated with a USB stick, which can be coloured according to your corporate design. You can see these as a wearable memory, which is protected against the possibility of loss. Attached to the wristband, the USB stick is always going to be within reach and a popular accessory at the office or at university. The user value of this item is immeasurable and through the high frequency of use, your brand is going to be memorised. Give these promotional wristbands out at conferences or events and see their effect for yourself. You can even save presentations and other informational material on the USB stick, which are going to be handy with large conferences. This way you will surprise business partners, customers and co-workers.

Large variety among the wristbands

In the allbranded online shop you can find approximately 50 different wristbands with the sizes Mini to Maxi. Many of the wristbands are ‘snap wristbands’, which snap around the wrist and are very fun, especially for children. Many varieties are also available in very bright colours, which are very popular among young people. In the allbranded online shop there are many promotional wristbands, which are waiting to be ordered. You can personalise modern, ‘balance promotional wristbands’ in our online shop, if you want to support the energy field of your body and help improve skills. We also offer innovative UV-testers. They measure the UV rays in the environment of the owner and serve to protect against the harmful rays. Regardless of which brandable wristband you will choose, we at allbranded will help you with the design, the order and ideas on how to give away these unique promotional products.

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