Promotional Metal Ball Point Pens

In allbranded’s online shop you can find pen sets, which are the perfect promotional product. Containing a pencil and a ballpoint pen, owning and giving away such an item will be an extreme delight. Our products will support not only your individual design but also increase brand recognition. You can target a wide target audience with pens, which carry your own logo. Regardless whether they are students, professionals or seniors, by giving out this promotional gift, everyone will receive a daily companion, which people will reach for more than once. We at allbranded believe, that hardly any other promotional items are being used as often as the writing set. Regardless whether it’d be at a conference, at an exhibition or during a customer conversation, the handy gift pen set has a big impact on all users.

Using metal ballpoint pens as effective advertising material

Premium appearance, low cost: These are the metal ballpoint pens, available in allbranded’s online shop. Ballpoint pens in general are everyday items and very popular promotional products. According to hearsay, even Galileo designed many of his drawing and sketches by using a simplified version of a ballpoint pen. Nowadays ballpoint pens are taken for granted and are nothing special. Metal ballpoint pens however, through their elegant design and heavier weight, convey high quality and prestige. Equipped with a cartridge for storing fast drying ink and a ball located at the tip of the pen, which transfers ink onto paper, the pen can contribute to the joy in writing. With a stroke width of approx. 0.7 – 1.4 millimetres it makes for an enjoyable writing experience as well as beautiful result. Rely on premium products of this category and supply your target group with a useful classic.

Various metal ballpoint pens in our online range

Just because metal ballpoint pens count to the classics of the promotional industry, doesn’t mean that these items are unchangeable. In this category allbranded keeps various variations of this promotional item, which have proven themselves useful for half a century. Even under the metal ballpoint pens you can find a vast number of items with futuristic aspects, new closure mechanisms and other special characteristics. Do not underestimate this promotional item! Thanks to the branding option we offer, you can personalise all the products, ranging from a simple metal ballpoint pen, a colourful pen with metal look up to the premium varieties in metal, which can be engraved with your company logo and are fitted in an elegant etui.

Using metal ballpoint pens as part of promotional merchandising

The possible uses of metal ballpoint pens could not be more diverse. The design of your branded promotional pen, in case there is a special event, can be fit to every occasion. However, you could also personalise standard metal ballpoint pens with your logo or slogan, which would come in handy at various different events, exhibitions and merchandising opportunities. Metal ballpoint pens can easily be used as a promotional item for the purpose of communication with clients, co-workers and business partners. They possess the advantage of applying to every target group and not focusing on one certain segment of people. They can be given to women, men, older people as well as children, be it as low cost promotional giveaways or as premium promotional gifts. It basically is like this: The metal ballpoint pen is an everyday item, which can be used at various occasions, whatever the situation may be. Moreover, you can order and personalise the metal ballpoint pens in large quantities, without worrying about any storage efforts. With the implementation of metal ballpoint pens you will be guaranteed to achieve short term and long-term goals, as for every time your branded promotional pens are being used, your company will come to mind.

Metal ballpoint pens for every occasion in allbranded’s online shop

Emphasize the importance of your clients, co-workers and business partners with premium promotional gifts. You can revive the relationship towards valued target groups, create new relationships and increase brand recognition by using allbranded’s metal ballpoint pens. Very effective places of distribution for branded promotional pens, are, for example, exhibitions and public events. You can offer the metal ballpoint pens as giveaways, to increase the attention towards your booth at and during the exhibition as well as generate brand impressions afterwards. Grab the opportunity and order these giveaways, which you can use to include as a small gift in packages and letters. They are also very suitable to be given away as promotional gifts for special events like Christmas or Easter. These creative promotional products are the ideal way for your company to show attention and appreciation towards your target group and make your brand more memorable.

Eternalise your corporate design on promotional gifts – with all branded

The metal ballpoint pen is a versatile branded promotional pen. No matter how you use the promotional pen in the end, it is a gift, which can help you achieve great success. You can order the pen online, and with our short delivery times we can have the pen with you in no time. Use the opportunity to skilfully keep your company in your customers’ minds, through creative promotional merchandise.

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