Cane Umbrellas

With allbranded your printed cane umbrellas can become one of the most exiting promotional products. Advertisements are effective when they appear in our daily lives and if the customer connects something positive with them. This means, that your promotional product will fulfil a certain function everyday. If it is going to rain on that day, your customers and business partners will be very happy about this giveaway. You will have the chance to choose the ideal cane umbrella from the allbranded online shop. In attractive colours, your logo and slogan will convey a sense of protection. A fact, that will have positive impacts on your company.

Cane umbrellas as creative promotional products

Rain, nothing but rain. As Britain is an island in the middle of the sea, there is nothing more prevalent than rain. There are many rainy days a year in especially rainy cities like Manchester and Cardiff. This is why printed corporate umbrellas count towards the most used accessories of young and old. Up at the top is the so-called cane umbrella, which has been identified as an effective promotional product by the industry.

Cane umbrellas – the classic among the umbrellas

I’m singing in the rain.. with the umbrellas from allbranded, the walk outside in the rain will become a blast. Printed cane umbrellas, shine with their elegant look. The large canopy offers enough space for two people and can protect from rain, snow or hail. Because of the high quality production, the umbrellas are not only lightweight, but also very durable which makes for a long usage. We compiled the most popular version in our online store for you. The range extends from versions with a straight or tilted wooden handle to versions with fibreglass ribs or aluminium ribs. Of course we also offer you many colours, so that your promotional umbrella will become a real eye-catcher.

Umbrellas shine as promotional products

Advertisements have to be eye-catching. But not all products can be considered the right promotional product. In times of high advertising pressure, it is important to come forward and not be part of the same old story. This will be possible with cane umbrellas. As printed cane umbrellas unite two important aspects: first of all, they are very useful and this is the reason why they are being used this often. Second of all, they offer a large advertising space, where your logo will be the most eye-catching. Use cane umbrellas, to increase the reach of your brand and to point towards new products or services. As promotional products, they are also very suitable to acquire new customers as well as employee incentives. In cross industry cases, cane umbrellas can be used at exhibitions, concerts or at the point of sale. The recipients will be happy about such a high-quality gift and will automatically become the brand ambassadors for your company.

Printed cane umbrellas with logo

Every day we come in touch with a vast number of logos and slogans. Because of this overstimulation, the perception is reduced to messages, which are different from the other ones. The canopy of a cane umbrella, made out of nylon or polyester, is perfect to print a logo on. The preferred printing method is usually a silkscreen or transfer print. Depending on the chosen base colour, your logo will be shown either subtly or concise.

Promotional cane umbrellas from all branded

With the personalised printed cane umbrellas from allbranded every rainy day is in the past and your company will present itself in the best way. In our online shop you can easily design your own cane umbrella. Just choose the colour, promotional print and the quantity. The price is going to be calculated immediately. We will also gladly send you over a sample. You would like a personal consultation? The promotional experts at allbranded will support you with the decision-making.