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Keychains and Coin Holders

Allbranded offers you personalised promotional products, which can remind your customers of your company, daily. They have to be of course handy, in order for your customers to use them everyday and not keep them in a drawer at home. Allbranded can offer you premium promotional products, which your customers will use daily, one of the items being trolley coins. Every time your customer goes grocery shopping, looking for the right coin can be annoying, which is why your personalised promotional product, will surely be used at all times. This way, your company name will be kept in good memory.

Use keychains and trolley coins as haptic promotional merchandise

Promotional keychains and trolley coins are part of haptic promotional products. Haptic merchandise is meant to be used and touched. Although advertising methods like TV, radio or billboards may be more dominant within the public space, haptic promotional products have many benefits to them. They can make customers experience the content which is being communicated, and will lead them to remember the message. The loss of the advertising effects is also lower than with advertising on TV, as most of the Britons enjoy receiving promotional products. Branded keychains and trolley coins are tools, which is being used everyday by mostly everyone. Their usefulness makes them the perfect promotional product, as many uses throughout the day are enabled. The regular use of promotional products also means an increase in brand impressions among your target group. Printed keychains and trolley coins establish a positive memory with your target audience and at the same time reach many people in their environment. This way, new customers can easily be acquired, and the awareness of your brand will increase immensely. Promotional keychains and printed trolley coins are supposed to arouse interest with customers and potential customers. To achieve that, a visible and eye-catching promotional print is necessary.

With keychains and trolley coins, you can reach every customer – as everyone has to go grocery shopping at one point. The branded trolley coins and the branded keychains have a very specific use: They unlock the trolleys at grocery stores, electronic stores or furniture stores. The keychains and the trolley coins can be used without any restrictions. With their usefulness, appearance and versatility, they are one of the best, personalised promotional items at allbranded. A company specific print will personalise this product and make it a perfect gift. Our various versions of keychains and trolley coins enable you to choose your favourite one and personalise it according to your corporate design. Make use of these everyday items as promotional products to be able to reach your customers with a product, which they can use, everyday. Even small things, will improve the relationship to your company.

Keychains and trolley coins as eye-catching promotional products

Not only existing customers but also new customers can be made aware of your brand through the right promotional products. Even if you decide to personalise the items, the costs will not be more than a few pence per item. Regardless of costs, these promotional items can perfectly represent your company. Branded keychains and trolley coins multiply their advertising effect in the owner’s environment all on their own. In order for your promotional products to stand out from the one’s of your competitors, you have to choose extraordinary products: Branded keychains and trolley coins are very rare at promotional exhibitions which is why they are very popular. They are being used at the next possible time after being received. Choose a modern colour combination and a visible print and you can acquire new customers easily.

Versatility of branded keychains and trolley coins in the allbranded online store

In order for your keychain and trolley coin to be eye-catching, you should use a company specific design. Decide on an eye catching colour combination. However, not only the colour of the keychains and trolley coins can be personalised, but also the logo print. To achieve this, we at allbranded are working with the pantone matching system (PMS), to be able to offer you the exact colours of your corporate design. With allbranded you will create a unique item. But not only the colour of the printed keychains and trolley coins is important, but also their shape. In this category of promotional products, you will be able to find a variety of different keychains and trolley coins made out of plastic, but also a more premium version made out of metal and extraordinary trolley coins and keychains in specific special colours.

This is how you use keychains and trolley coins as giveaways

There are many possibilities to use keychains and trolley coins. We recommend to use these promotional products as free giveaways for your customers or co-workers. For exhibitions and other big events, they are perfect as supporting items and to make others aware of your brand. This way you can easily attract people towards your exhibition booth. You can be assured that even low cost promotional products like printed keychains and trolley coins can be as effective as more expensive ones. Even lanyards, display cleaners and ballpoint pens are alternatives, which can be used at exhibitions. For long-term customers or smaller events, you should however use more premium promotional products. The more elaborate and seemingly high quality the product is, the more serious people will take your company. You also have the option to combine the promotional keychains and printed trolley coins with other promotional merchandise. We recommend combining keychains and trolley coins as part of a gift box with printed lanyards and engraved ballpoint pens. This way, you will achieve the desired advertising effect for your company with the help of other promotional products. With the help of a uniform colour scheme and personalised design, you will attract as much attention as possible to your brand. We offer you premium promotional products, which your customers can use daily and increase brand impressions.

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