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Branded Highlighters

Another classic among the promotional items is the highlighter. It is very versatile and offers each and every one of your customers or co-workers a durable and convenient companion. Your target group, whether students or professionals will love this small giveaway. The highlighter is diverse in all its forms of use. Not only that but branded with your logo the branded highlighter can become a tool, which increases brand recognition and brand image, with every word highlighted.

Promotional highlighter with logo

Nowadays everyone owns a highlighter. They are important writing instruments in any household, office or university. The colourful markers are being used to highlight paragraphs or words as well as many other important notes. At the point of their invention however, they had a whole different purpose: The concept was to use them as children’s colouring pens. In 1963 the first fluorescent pens were available in the United States. They were invented by the American company Carter’s Ink Company. A few years later, a German worker from the company Schwan-STABILO also developed the marker with fluorescent ink. He sent samples to 1000 influential leaders from the political and economic world as well as potential suppliers and buyer companies, which convinced many people of the new style of pen and had a big marketing effect, in general. The unusual and large design of the highlighter is in itself a highlight under the pens. The first colour for the flat marker, which was brought to market, was yellow, however today you can find many various colours, such as green, blue, orange, pink and red for the highlighter pen. As a promotional item the highlighter is very popular, due to its exceptional design.

Showing colour with custom highlighters

Everyone who is either private or professionally confronted with large amounts of texts know, that a highlighter is one of the most important companions when fighting through endless paperwork. Make your business environment a little bit more colourful with promotional items such as these highlighters from allbranded. Especially for schools, universities and offices, these neon-coloured promotional items are ideally suited to make your company brand visible. Daily use in university or in meetings will strengthen the memorability of your brand and your target groups will always keep your company in mind. The gratitude in receiving such a wonderful promotional pen is going to strengthen the relationship between you and your customers and can care for your image in the long term. The range in our online shop does is not in any way inferior when compared to a big stationary store. Whether with a small or large tip, in a set or individually; each variety of this highlighter pen comes in various bright colours and will be something your customers cannot go without. With this pen, we at allbranded offer you an exceptional and impressive giveaway.

Highlights of advertising highlighters

You can trust allbranded if you want to make your customers happy with extraordinary promotional gifts, which at the same time support your marketing goals. Our online shop does not only offer highlighters in different colours and shapes, but also from various brands. Choosing brand products as a promotional item is a smart move. The high quality and premium design of the meticulously produced product is going to transfer onto the company which uses these as promotional merchandise. You can choose between various brands, such as Bic, Prodir, Senator, Parker or Uma. Each and every one of those brands manufacture premium, high-quality office helpers, which will also convince your co-workers. Identify your company as a community and equip all of your workers with personalized highlighters. These promotional highlighters are also suitable at conferences and as a small welcome gift for new employees. With this, simple promotional items are being transformed into vital working materials, which display your promotional message in a subtle way. It will be even more convenient if employees could store one or two samples in their drawers to give clients as a small gift. The special highlights in the allbranded online shop are our specialised ballpoint pens with an integrated highlighter. We also stock 4 in 1 highlighters, which can help you work with different coloured tips. You can even personalise highlighter sets, branded with your personal message.

How to use branded highlighters

Allbranded will support you in marketing new promotional items. In a professional consultation a highlighter is a useful tool, which can be helpful in various situations. While reading longwearing documents or contracts the opposite person can quickly highlight the most important aspects, with the help of the promotional highlighter. At the end of every meeting you can discreetly give the highlighter to the clients, as a small giveaway. By doing this you will establish a personal relationship with the clientele but also show the message of your company. A first impression of the highlighters will already be noticeable in this situation. In a wider scale, the highlighters can also be given out at exhibitions and at conferences, packed into small gift bags or displayed at the exhibition booth. New clients will be happy about the small promotional gift and will keep your company in good memory. With a branded highlighter your company will have the ultimate giveaway. Especially the fact that the highlighter is permanently used by a multitude of people, can offer a great brand recognition effect. In case your marker will run out of colour, you can refill it easily, which will generate a long-lasting promotional item and a long-lasting impression on your client as well as the people in his or her environment. Benefit now from the personalisable promotional items of all branded.

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