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ID Badges For Lanyards

Allbranded enables you to place your advertisements among effective and handy promotional gifts, which will make customers and business partners happy. Let business contacts and other people think back to your company with a positive mind and be able to recommend you to their acquaintances. ID badge holders and pull reels are one of the most well received assistants, with which you can definitely make a good impression. Leave a lasting impression and make others happy with handy promotional products from allbranded – personalised with your own company logo

Attention: ID badges and pull reels

We are all carrying them with us: ID cards of all kinds. They could be official documents or private documents, which can provide information about the owner’s identity. The contents of an ID are binding. They can, for example, proof the permission to access certain areas of a building, be proof of membership in a community or club, or be a work or guest ID. Usually ID cards bring a certain authorisation with them, without it you are usually restricted in a certain way. The history of ID cards in the UK is very interesting. Whereas countries such as Germany issue ID cards from the age of 16, in the UK, ID cards are not issued anymore. The only time the UK had an ID cards system was from 1939 until 1952, which has been put in place due to the wartime emergency caused by the Second World War. There were three main reasons the UK issued ID cards back then. The first reason was due to a large amount of the population participating in mobilisation and mass evacuation. The second reason was rationing. The government believed that a registration system would simplify the introduction of rationing. The third and last reason was that the government wanted to hold a census, which has last been held in 1931 and the next one was not due until 1941. Since then the UK government tried to introduce ID cards again in 2006 with the Identity Cards Act. This act however, has been repealed following much criticism from politician and the main public. Nowadays, most Britons use the passport or more commonly the driver’s licence as a form of ID, which is usually carried in the purse or in pockets. No wonder, that ID badges and pull reels are two of the most popular promotional items and lanyard attachments. They are used to protect the IDs from damage while having a high advertising effect: They are the protectors of our IDs.

Your advertisements on personalized ID holders

EC cards, the monthly oyster ticket, the driver license, the national insurance card or other credit cards. It does not always have to be IDs. This list can go on forever. We carry many cards, chip cards or IDs with us, which requires a safe space for these cards. As a free giveaway, these items are always well received, which is why we offer you the ID badge holders as personalised promotional products in the allbranded online shop. The benefit of these items is very clear: They are being used constantly and receive a special status as the protectors of our IDs. Printed with your promotional message, the ID badge holders can bring your message among the public. ID holders are very visible, as they are mostly worn around the neck with a lanyard. This way, your promotional print can be very eye-catching and be memorized the more it is worn and seen. Brand impressions are one of the keywords. With this kind of eye-catching promotional products, you will not only generate brand awareness among the ID badge wearers, but also among their environment. This way, your brand and your message will increase their reach immensely. Even when it comes to brand image, this kind of advertising at popular events in beneficial. The result of this kind of advertising method? Attention, brand awareness and long lasting memories of the company. The best thing about it? You will receive a useful promotional item, which can be used multiple times and is available for low cost. The only thing left to say is, that the reach of this item is going to be larger than that of TV and newspapers.

VIP Status: The ID badge holders for events

The most popular way to use ID badge holders and pull reels is to use them at events and exhibitions. They are being used for a variety of occasions. Security personnel as well as different visitor groups can be identified with the help of this promotional product. The pull reels can be used to carry ID cards, tickets as well as other documents needed for the entry of the event, which will make VIP guest, employees and the press easily distinguishable from each other. The ID badge holders are a more sophisticated version of the wristbands. Even for concerts and sport events, these ID holders are an important item. Where would you put your ticket to not lose it? Thanks to the ID badge holders, these will be always within reach and easily visible for the security employees. The promotional experts at allbranded recommend the use of ID holders at your events. This way, you will have the security of being able to distinguish between various visitor groups. Even the visitors will profit from this increase security. And there is even more: The personalisable ID badge holders have a long-lasting advertising effect, as they are often being kept as a keepsake and function as lanyard attachments.

Pull reels and ID holders: the perfect promotional couple

In the allbranded online shop you can find the different forms of badges and lanyard attachments. Whether they are transparent or coloured according to your corporate design, landscape or portrait format or branded with the pad printing method or silkscreen printing method; you will have a huge range to select from. This way, when ordering our printed lanyards, you can also select the matching ID badge holders and pull reels. You will not only receive a good price, but will also purchase a beautiful set for your promotional campaign. Our competent team at allbranded will gladly advice you on any issues you might have, as there are many factors to consider when choosing your promotional product. Don’t hesitate to ask and start designing your ID badge holders according to your corporate design today!

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