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Special Branded Ballpoint Pens

Are you searching at the moment for original promotional gifts for your clients or business partners? Then you have come to the right people. In allbranded’s online shop you have the possibility to print premium and elegant ballpoint pens according to your personal preferences and in many different varieties. Our special branded ballpoint pens can easily be used as giveaways at events and leave a lasting impression.

Specialised ballpoint pens as promotional items

With 5615 brand impressions within one product life cycle, ballpoint pens, out of the promotional merchandise category, generate a lot of eye contact. People are often aware of their presence as well as their branding as they are being used very often. No wonder that Britons agree about one thing: Ballpoint pens are the most popular promotional item and have a big head start over promotional merchandise like bags, calendars and T-Shirts. They are a delight for young and old, at the workplace and at home and unfold their great advertising effect easily, which will benefit your company in the long and short term. Brand impressions will increase brand awareness and new customers are more easily attainable. Even by international comparison, ballpoint pens are ranked first place within the promotional products world which goes to show, that their advertising success also works worldwide. Ballpoint pens are not without a reason the most ordered promotional products of our time. Since the late fifties, they have been used as the number one choice for promotional classics. But even an old classic can be full of surprises: The specialised ballpoint pens at allbranded are a whole other version of the simple promotional pen. Let yourself be convinced by the variety of this category and see what kind of unimaginable and creative items you will discover.

Funny Gadgets: Various varieties of specialised custom ballpoint pens

The variety of our specialised ballpoint pens is huge. Different functions can be paired with classical promotional items and as such can become original promotional products. Needless to say, ballpoint pens are useful and very successful as promotional merchandise. Their advertising effect and usefulness can however be strongly improved through specialised functions. In the allbranded shop’s online range, you can find ballpoint pens with an integrated highlighter, which can be perfect for your co-workers at an upcoming meeting. With the specialised multi-coloured ballpoint pen, the quantity of your writing utensils will increase immediately. Whether two or multi-coloured, at allbranded you can get ballpoint pens which have fonts other than black and blue! A modern highlight of this category is the ballpoint pen with QR-Code integrated into a button. Through the specialised ballpoint pens, you can let your company be part of the digital trend and show your online presence with these haptic promotional items. In terms of assistance in working matters, we can also integrate laser pointers and screen cleaners in our specialised ballpoint pens. Even crazy combinations like ballpoint pens with magnifiers or pocketknives are personaliseable with your logo, in the allbranded online shop. Your target groups can use the ballpoint pens effectively at work, in university or at home und will always remember your company, thanks to the message or logo, which has been printed on the pens.

Personalised, specialised and branded ballpoint pens for customers, co-workers and business partners

Ballpoint pens are suitable for various different advertising purposes. Low cost varieties can be used as giveaways at exhibitions and events. Brand products like Waterman or Prodir pens, as well as metal ballpoint pens are most suitable as gifts for your target groups, on birthdays or occasions like Easter or Christmas. Due to their great price range, specialised ballpoint pens are, depending on their integrated specialised function, suited for various different occasions. This is why low cost branded ballpoint pens with an integrated highlighter can be given out at your exhibition booth or added to informational leaflets. It is also possible to give away these items to participants of conferences, which will equip the receiver with an awesome 2-in-1 product. As a premium gift, which can be an expression of appreciation, we recommend the exclusive fountain pens from Waterman, which are very rare in terms of their high quality and first-class workmanship. Another occasion to use specialised ballpoint pens for, is to include them as an in or on-pack. As an electronics shop you could include a touch pen with the purchases a tablet, or if you are a bookshop, you could include these exceptional items with the purchase of an e-reader. Ballpoint pens and very specialised ballpoint pens are a very personal and appealing way to say thank you to your customers and business partners, as well as anyone who will receive this promotional item. Adding to that you can be sure, that they will be grateful for this small gift. We will gladly advise you regarding various questions about promotional pens and specialised ballpoint pens for your company, so you can draw the maximum attention towards these original promotional products.

Personalisation simple and quick with all branded

Specialised branded ballpoint pens are very noticeable; however do not point necessarily to your brand. This is why we at allbranded, emphasise the importance on personalising the promotional item. Designed, based on your corporate design, in your company colours and with a firm-specific promotional message, the pens will quickly and easily generate increased brand recognition and brand awareness for your company. With this, your company’s products, services and its image can be represented properly in front of the public. With allbranded, you will choose an appropriate partner with an eye for detail. Share your ideas with us and we will take care of the design, manufacturing and delivery of your specialised branded ballpoint pens as original giveaways and exceptional promotional gifts for customers, co-workers and business partners.

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