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Branded Coffee Mugs

Do you know the feeling of sitting on the couch, with your hot cup of coffee on a rainy autumn evening? For moments like this, coffee mugs are the perfect item to have at home. Use these positive feelings associated with a coffee mug and give these useful items as promotional gifts. In the allbranded online shop, you can choose between a large rage of shapes and designs for your promotional items. To personalise these promotional classics, allbranded can offer you to digitally print your logo or slogan onto your promotional mug.

Advertise with personalisable coffee mugs

Each year, approximately 500 billion coffee cups are being drunk worldwide. No wonder companies like to use coffee mugs as promotional merchandise. Personalised with a logo, slogan or according to your corporate design, branded coffee mugs are one of the classics of promotional products and are always a welcome sight. The strengths of the coffee mugs? Well, some of them, are, high user value, various different options of use and a broad and very visible advertising area. There is, however one thing, you should be aware of. Printed mugs are only classified as such, when they can contain more than 200 ml of liquid. If you are on the lookout for something smaller, you should take a look at out personalisable coffee cups, which have a smaller content capacity.

Branded coffee mugs as promotional merchandise for your target group

The user value is one of the most important characteristics when it comes to promotional items. This is why it is a good idea, to choose promotional items, which are as useful as possible. Whether you are at work, in a restaurant or at home eating breakfast – the promotional mugs are accompanying your target group throughout the day and further. As the printed mugs are being used very regularly, your brand will not only receive a lot of attention from the user, but also generate positive feelings towards your company. Even the people in the immediate environment of the coffee mug user will notice the branded coffee mug and recognise the brand. If the coffee mug is not only a nice fit in the user’s hand but also has a very nice design, it will automatically become a favourite everyday item and possibly even the topic of conversation at the next meeting. Make your target group happy, by giving beautiful printed mugs from the allbranded online shop. Your company will thank you for it, as it will be a big boost towards brand recognition and your company’s image as well as popularity.

Great variety: Coffee mugs as part of the all branded range

Allbranded offers you the coffee mug as a classical promotional item with a personalised design: Choose your favourite promotional mugs from our different shapes and materials and use it for your next marketing campaign. How about a bulgy version for a café latte, a slimmer version for the latte macchiato or a simple mug made out of ceramics or porcelain, for everyday use? We can also print your promotional products with a slogan of your choice and a logo. Even in this allbranded category, you can find a few specialties: For example, the coffee mug to-go, made out of ceramics with integrated heat protection and a removable lid – this way, your branding will even be seen in public. You can even find the coffee mug in designer format as well as part of a premium steel set containing a flask.

How to use the promotional classic

Because the coffee mug is an ‘evergreen’ among the promotional items, you will have no problems using it as a giveaway. The occasions to use coffee mugs as promotional items, is almost as big as the variety of printed mugs itself. You can distribute these as promotional gifts to customers at your exhibition booth, as well as outside on the streets. Another option is also to use the personalised promotional mugs as giveaways after conferences, as well as meetings for your business partners. Everyone will be happy to receive these giveaways. Coffee enthusiasts and drinkers can be found practically everywhere: In the cafeteria, in hospitals, restaurants. You can also use these awesome promotional products for tea, milk, or hot chocolate. This way, you can reach all the hot (and cold) drink lovers and use the promotional mugs as one of your reliable promotional products.

The coffee mug as a promotional item in the food industry

Drinking coffee is a luxury. As a lifestyle and luxury product, coffee stands for exclusivity, hospitality, community as well as communication. In restaurants, cafes or bars, coffee beverages like espresso, café latte or latte macchiato cannot be amiss. This is why personalised promotional products are especially important for the food industry. There, the brand recognition process takes place, when customers will recognise the branding on the tableware. This is why even when having a small coffee break, customers will be aware of your brand, which will improve customer loyalty and brand recognition. Even in the event of opening your new café, you can give your very first customers an awesome personalised to-go coffee mug as a present, or sell your branded mugs as promotional merchandise. If you are a coffee roasting house, you can also sponsor restaurants by giving them your branded coffee mugs.

Personalised design: Your branded coffee mug

If your business partner is a tea fanatic, he or she will always think about your company when using your printed mugs, to drink their favourite drink. The allbranded online shop will help you with original promotional products, which will generate positive feelings when being given to your target audience. For this reason, we use pad printing with promotional mugs. This way, we can print easily on round objects, with the help of a stamping process. The print is naturally, dishwasher proof. You can rely on our versatile and useful allbranded coffee mugs. Our work is very reliable and you will definitely benefit from our haptic promotional solutions. Order your branded coffee mug now and give away promotional items, which are perfect to enjoy a cup of coffee.

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