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Printed Glass Cups

In search of the perfect promotional item for your company, you will inevitably come across premium and beautiful glass cups. With their big advertising space and their low price, printed glasses are an optimal item, to advertise your promotional message. Branded with your own logo or slogan, you can strengthen your customer relationships for the long term. With creative branding concepts you will ultimately put your company in a good light, all for a very low price.

The glass cup – eye-catcher with company branding

Cups are drinking containers with a handle. They are usually used to serve hot beverages and are made out of faience, ceramics or porcelain. But even these promotional classics can surprise you. You can find them in the allbranded online shop category ‘glass cups’. They can even be decorated with your personal logo or slogan. The glass cups as an optical highlight prove, ceramics or porcelain do not always have to be the first choice for material! Elegant and robust, they let you enjoy your hot cup of tea or a cool glass of juice. Although printed glassware will remain a simple user item, thanks to their premium and modern design they already have achieved the status of a decorative piece. Whether transparent or milky glass cups, with a logo print or engraving – each variety of personalisable glass cups is a real eye-catcher.

Personalised glass cups as promotional items

Printed glass cups can be found at every desk, in every office and at every promotional event. They are always there, not only in the working world, but also in every home, which is why they are the perfect promotional item for you. A personalised glass cup in a stylish and contemporary design, given to your target audience, does not only make your company seem very friendly and generous, but can also have many other benefits. The probability, that a co-worker, customer or a business partner will take the glass cup home and use it there to serve coffee, espresso or tea, is very high. This way, your company will constantly be present in your target audience’s environment, being able to reach the eyes of other people. With printed glasses from the allbranded online shop, you will generate brand impressions for your company, increase brand awareness as well as strengthen customer or business relationships in your company environment. This will mean for you, your company the following: A positive advertising effect, with low cost, haptic promotional merchandise. Show your company to be worth the attention by acquiring corporate branded cups, to give out to your target audiences.

Different varieties among printed glassware

Printed glasses are a real eye-catcher among the usual coffee mugs. Because of their transparency, not only are you eating with your eyes, but also drink with them. Our cups are made out of a double-walled borosilicate glass. They consist of two layers of glass, between which lies a layer of air. With the help of this design, the heat of the beverage is being preserved while the cup itself will remain cool and will therefore not burn your hands. With the printed glassware you will not only be able to display your promotional message beautifully, but also the contents of the mug. This variety of cup is especially suited to serve tea or latte macchiato. Next to the classic version, we also stock the so-called frosted cups, which have a matt and milkier looking design. Especially corporate branded cups with the frozen design have been very popular when choosing promotional items. This kind of popularity will enable you to advertise in a modern, modest and contemporary way. If requested, you can also order suitable saucers for your glass cups. Another aspect, which has to be considered for your marketing campaign, is of course, the advertising area on the promotional product, which will be bigger with glass cups, than for example pens. If you order these fantastic items, we can personalise the glass cups according to your wishes, to make sure, that the product will be in accordance with your company design. With these awesome promotional glasses, you will not only reach customers and business partners but also people in their environment. As the glass cup is an item, which is being used on a daily basis, you can be sure that the advertising effect will be very high.

Personalised glass cups from Rastal

Among the large range of allbranded glass cups, you can find one renowned brand: Rastal. For almost 100 years, Rastal was and is one of the most popular manufacturers for glassware in the food industry and commercial trade. The family company has already risen to the status of a global player, and convinces with their longstanding manufacturing experience and innovative design. Rastal is one of the leading companies in this industry and their brand stands for trust and quality. This was also shown in a recent market survey, where 75 % of the people, leading a household, responded, that they believe Rastal is synonymous for quality. With printed glasses from Rastal you will therefore decide not only for modern promotional items, but also for genuine quality products of an internationally recognised brand. Use the concept of brand transfer and see for yourself how the values and quality of the brand Rastal will transfer onto your company’s products and services. Rastal printed glassware, will offer you great user value. Personalised according to your corporate design, these corporate branded cups, can become a real delight. You can trust Rastal, to leave you satisfied.

Personalisation for glass cups with logo or engraving

The glass cups can be personalised according to your corporate design or your individual requirements. With the help of silkscreen printing, you can decorate your glass cup with a slogan or your company logo with up to 6 different colours. But we do not only offer the printing method as a means to decorate your item. We also can engrave or cauterise your corporate branded cups with a personalised design. This way, your quality items will look even more premium and high quality and your brand is sure to be remembered. Our reliable team at allbranded will support you in choosing a suitable design for your promotional products. This way, you can be sure, that your end product will meet your expectations and your advertising message will reach your target group.

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