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Using headphones as promotional items is worth it! You can decorate them, with your own logo or slogan and order them in different colours. They’re no usual advertising classics, but are more exceptional giveaways. With headphones you have a promotional item that your target audience is particularly enthusiastic about. As giveaway or on fairs, as a present on an event or as onpack on your products. Choose your ideal headphones now, design them with your individual corporate design and order them at allbranded.

Using headphones as promotional items

We use headphones every day. They are everyday objects that are particularly popular with younger audiences. They can be connected to laptops, smartphones and tablets and allow us to listen to music or talk on the phone, no matter where we are. This promotional product is definitely useful and the more useful an item is, the more frequently it is used and the stronger grows the sentimental value of the advertising material. The sentimental value is decisive for the effect of a promotional product. Logos, slogans, and the presence of the giveaway itself anchor your business to your target audience. It remains in the back of their heads and is omnipresent while making purchase decisions. Make use of these practical everyday object as an efficient advertising medium.

Types of individualized headphones

At the end of the 1970s, the Walkman revolutionized music listening. Headphones still played a minor role at that time, but grew quickly and became real fashion statements. There are many forms of headphones. Headband headphones consist of two sides of the headphones, which are interconnected via a bracket. In-ear earphones are inserted directly into the ear canal and can suppress ambient noise. We can also customize wireless headphones. They have a battery and work with an analogue radio transmission between 50 and 100 meters. In order to be able to listen to music during exercise, there are special sports headphones, which have a compact and lightweight design. Even the professional range is supplied with matching promotional items: you can order studio headphones and DJ headphones with logo, online.

Draw attention to your brand

Headphones are ideal for transporting your advertising message. You can easily incorporate your logos or slogan into their dynamic design and make a modern impression on customers, employees and business partners. Headphones are often used for traveling and in public. So not only the owners will notice your logo on the promotional product, but also their surroundings. Advertising mediums such as our headphones or the closely related speakers with a personalized touch can raise the awareness of your company and can be even more successful than classic advertising media, such as radio or TV.

Vast number of uses

Using headphones as promotional items, opens up countless possibilities. You can acquire new customers, bond with existing customers and create a memorable value for the company. Whether as inpacks for new customers, gifts at seasonal events for existing customers or as a motivation for employees. Promotional products remain. Even at trade fairs their use is recommend. With headphones, you distance yourself from the traditional advertising media of the competition and provide your audience an attractive everyday object that makes you memorable!

allbranded - Your reliable partner

We of allbranded want to be more than just an online store for you. We are your creative sparring partner that will help you to find the perfect promotional headphone product and assist you with your advertising campaigns. With allbranded you choose reliable and fast advertising professionals. If you have any questions you can contact us via live chat or our customer service.