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Music is the only language without words, Luca Kermas once said. So speakers are important objects in life, because they can make music a part of our everyday life. They play the music of films or musical pieces crystal clear. In the allbranded online store you can individualize your speakers online as your promotional items and order them. They are particularly effective because they can be used frequently. Print this high quality promotional gift with your logo or slogan and distribute the products to customers or business partners!

Speakers and their development

Speakers have a long history. Of course, they weren’t used instantly as a promotional product but were an accessary part of a totally different invention. On 26th October 1861 they were designed as a part of the phone from the elementary school teacher Philipp Reis. In 1870 Thomas Edison led the first experiments with the phonograph, but they were still far away from today’s speakers. Alexander Graham continued the discovery of Reis, but he also had no breakthrough in the development of the speaker. Only Werner von Siemens was successful: In 1878 he applied for a patent for an electrodynamic speaker. Our modern speakers, as we use them today, were made by physics professor Sir Oliver Lodge in 1898.

Use speakers as promotional products

Promotional item score with your audience when they’re special. Speakers are not considered traditional advertising media, but are unexpected promotional products that trigger a special surprise at the addressee. Unlike pens, cups or lanyards customers, employees or business partners do not expect such a product. Speakers have a special user value, are compatible with radios, televisions or mobile phones and allow listening to music anytime and anywhere. With this musical promotional item you giveaway the gift of music. You can for example mount personalized speakers to the workplaces of your employees or give them away to your customers for special occasions. Speakers as a promotional item are especially suited for record companies or electrical appliance stores, because of the thematic connection. Advertisements that are extraordinary and fit to the services of your company, are more effective than usual standard items with your logo.

Create memories with music

Speakers are products with a long life. They are used for years. This longevity of a promotional product is improving its advertising impact, because regular use creates memories. Brand impressions are generated and increase the awareness of your company. Moreover, the music that is played with your promotional speakers, will remind them of your promo article and your business. Like this, you’ll not only increase the popularity of your business, but you can also strengthen the bond with a certain target group. Use speakers as your advertising medium in order to advertise for your business with music and originality!

Manifold choices in the allbranded online store

Speakers are available in various sizes and designs in the allbranded online store. All of them transform electric signals into sound, so that the human ear can perceive these signals. The following applies: The smaller the size of a speaker, the higher the tones to be reproduced. Greater speakers, however, are responsible for the low tones. Speakers of different sizes form an acoustic system. When choosing the speakers, you should pay particular attention to the quality. Alto the intended use is crucial. In order to use speakers for the home cinema, hi-fi speakers are necessary, since they can even reproduce the finest nuance in a crystal clear way. You can also find speaker boxes in our online store. They are for everyday use and can be used with computers, iPod or mobile phones. A current trend are portable mini-speakers. They can be connected to music sources and used portable and flexible. They are environmentally friendly, since they operate with batteries, and have a very light weight due to their compact design and can therefore be used while traveling. Also Bluetooth speakers are becoming increasingly popular, as they can play without annoying wires. Our broad range provides you with a wide variety of speakers, which can be used as promotional items. We can even customize headphones for you to allow uninterrupted listening to music. Choose your musical advertising according to the needs of your target audience. The allbranded service team will happily assist you by choosing the right article. You’ll definitely find the right product in our assortment of approximately 50,000 individualized promotional items!