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Promotional USB Sticks

The computer is an indinspensable part of everyday office and private life. Every day, enormous amounts of data is created, stored and transported - not always successfully. With the exclusive USB sticks from allbranded you are provided with loss-free storage of data. Whether pictures, MP3s, CVs or other important documents - they all find space on the selectable memory sizes. Print our USB sticks with your brand or slogan and set the trendy storage media for winning new customers as an advertising article. From classic models to integrated bracelets, you have a large selection available for the realization of a sustainable successful advertising campaign. 

Branded USB drives - the original advertising products

The USB stick has been developed at the end of the 1990s by the Israeli Kaufmann and engineer Dov Moran. At that time it was still at the proud price of around £50, today it is much cheaper. For the small price it offers us the possibility to always and everywhere have data on hand. It is small, handy and can be stowed everywhere. With these properties, the memory stick has secured the status of a genuine allrounder for daily use. Routinely we use the Universal Serial Bus, which can be combined with other devices, such as computers that connect directly to the housing and create a mechanical unit. Data loss or bulky CDs for transporting documents are a thing of the past, also cables used for data transfer are not longer needed! Thanks to allbranded your company has the chance to use the positive properties and high utility values of the mass storage devices for advertising purposes. Used as Promotion Products on computer fairs, corporate parties and other events or as a promotional gifts with engraving for your business partners, the USB stick is an absolute eye-catcher whic points to your business!

Customised USB sticks as high-quality giveaways

As an advertising article the USB stick is perfectly in line with the wishes and needs of your customers, employees and business partners in the digital world. It is therefore characterised, without question, by usefulness in everyday life and at work, like no other giveaway. It offers plenty of space for text, music, video and program files and is therefore not restricted to any target group. This generates a high range promotional products and lays the foundations for a long-term use and a long-lasting advertising effect for your company. For an advertising article so often used as the USB stick, it is an integral part of personal property and positions your company very close to its target group!

Variants of USB sticks in the shop of allbranded

USB stick is not the same as a USB stick. We offer you in this category a large selection of USB sticks of different forms of storage capacity and design. Also you will find here exceptional memory sticks in credit card format, key shape, as a keychain or USB bracelet! Newer versions are also characterised by combinations with other gimmicks such as with attached pens as well as with laser pointers, like the model "Presenter Perfect Duo".

Advertising with USB Sticks

USB Sticks can be used as a promotional products in a wide range of industries, on many occasions and for different target groups. You can, for example, add them to be given at computer dealers for any computer purchase as free advertising gift and therefore serve as a sales promotion. In addition, this product addition also has a binding effect on the relationship between the company and its customers. Printed with your logo the removable disk is an exclusive advertising media that makes your company known in private as well as in the professional environment of the buyer. You want a small gift for Christmas for your most important customers? Why not give the gift of a USB stick as a symbolic gesture to customers, employees or business partners? The brand image with your printed media will ensure that you will regularly reminded of, whether on the road, in the office or at home. For one thing, this recalls to a loyalty to your company, and on the other hand is the image of your company maintained through such generous gifts.

Promotional USB sticks at allbranded

The USB-Sticks available in our online shop correspond to the current technical standard in speed and data service life of at least ten years. Many models are protected against dust and splash water. In the shop you have a large range of colors to create a promotional item that will be able to reflect your corporate design. This effect is very important to secure the recognition value for your business and your target group to remember you. We are happy to play before you the delivery data to the removable media on which a small message or information material for your target group can be. Personal words of gratitude to your partner or presentations of your company to acquisition purposes are very useful. Browse now allbranded for USB sticks and decorate the popular advertising media with logo print or custom engraving. We would be pleased to advise you on selection, individualisation and the use of the original advertising material.