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Parker Pens - Customised With Your Logo

allbranded offers you premium brand products: Since over a hundred year ago, the American business Parker is one of the most popular companies for high quality stationary items worldwide. With different shapes and designs, Parker always manages to reinvent the ballpoint pen as a promotional classic. Give these branded Parker pens away as a symbol of appreciation towards your customers, co-workers or business partners. Use the brand name Parker and let their quality be synonymous with yours.

Parker Pens – A brand with cult status

The Parker Pen Company was founded in 1888, by the inventor and industrialist George Safford Parker in Janesville, Wisconsin. The founder was previously a sales man of the John-Holland fountain pens and was very dissatisfied with the ink holder of these fountain pens. From this thought emerged a simple but ambitious aim, to invent better writing instruments and to revolutionise the market. One year later, his pen draft was patented and manufactured in collaboration with a jeweller. Later, his works were distinguished with various awards, one of them being the Fashion Academy Award. A special version of the Parker range is the Jotter ballpoint pen. Since 1954 over 750 million units have been sold. At that time, the promotional Parker pen was promoted to be able to withstand a weight of 180 kg, as well as to be able to last five times as long as other fountain pens. Even today, Parker has an active interest in new technologies. With their printed pen you will choose an advertising message, which stands for dynamics and quality without any compromises.

Promotional pen products from Parker

Parker products represent more than 100 years of tradition in the stationary sector. Be it the popular Jotter pen or the Vector version in its minimalistic design. Parker stands for craftsmanship and joy in writing. The ballpoint pen, the roller ball and the writings sets from Parker are made to last and are at the same time stylish. As promotional items, they offer real added value for your target group and through their regular use, can make your company memorable to your customers, co-workers or business partners. Regardless of its target group, these items express the highest degree of appreciation towards the recipient, as they are manufacture by one of the best pen manufacturers in the world. Writing instruments from Parker are being inspected at every stage of production, which shows that they are made with passion and to absolute perfection. These promotional items are still following the vision from 1888, which was to create better writing instruments. For this reason, the Parker Pen Company is continuously investing in bold innovations and offers premium writing instruments in various shapes and designs.

Using Parker ballpoint pens as promotional gifts

To manufacture a premium ballpoint pen, does not only require experience, but also technical competencies and finesse in mechanical design. With their premium quality, these promotional pens will bring a big benefit to your company. As promotional gifts, either printed or engraved, branded Parker pens can be given on birthdays, holidays, Easter or Christmas. An individual engraving with the name of the recipient, makes these promotional items a very special gift. They are small ‘thank yous’, which you can give out to your clients as well as co-workers.

The power of brand transfer

Promotional products from Parker are brand products. They can also be given out without being branded or in any way personalised. Even then they can speak for your company, as they are definitely more successful and high-quality than no name products. The magic word for this, is brand transfer. Values and ideals, which are characteristic for the manufacturing brand, will be transferred upon the advertising brand as well. This is why by advertising among the public with branded promotional items form the company Parker, which represents quality and innovation, the same attributes will be applied to your company with the help of brand transfer. For this reason, good quality promotional products are very important. In the allbranded online shop, you can find various ballpoint pen brands, like Waterman or Prodir, whose products can be designed according to your requirements as well as your corporate design. Find your ideal promotional products in our allbranded B2B online shop today.

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