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A sleigh ride on a snowy Sunday is not only a fun and nice amusement for children and teens. Also a lot of grown-ups think a sleigh ride is a adventurous experience that brings a lot of fun and action. May it be in a snowy forest or in the nearby city park, it never gets boring to slide down a hill. That’s why we by allbranded suggest to make use of this fun activities and convert them into promotional ideas. What we want to tell you by that? Print sledges in all kinds of forms at allbranded with your company logo and distribute them as promotional products among your target audience.

Design sledges at allbranded and turn them into promotional products

You’re searching for an original and fun way to say thank you to your customers? Or do you have the goal to gain new customers but you have no idea how your promotional products will look like? At cold seasons, the best items are high quality sledges by allbranded in ordered o gain attention. promotional products like sledges are especially suitable, because you can continue to convince long-term customers of your competence and solicitude. But funny winter sledges are also perfect to gain new customers.

Sledges made of wood, horn, plastic – There are no limits to your creativity

Prepare for a colourful range of advertising sledges in our allbranded online store. Sledges made out of wood, horn and even plastic await you there. Depending on how big your budget for your advertising campaign is, you have different options that you can choose from. The colour palette of our customizable sledges comprises of white to neon orange until metallic red. In short, there’s no colour that we cannot offer for your merchandising products. If you don’t want to spent too much on promotional products , we suggest to buy sledges made out of plastic.

Address many target audiences with advertising sledges

You already know that you can also reach gown-ups with toboggans, since they are a great fun for everyone in the cold winter months. In order to stand out even more with your promotional products , you definitely should print them with your logo and your personalized message. How this is possible? We at allbranded do that for you. You just send us your logo and your message and we do the rest.

allbranded offers creative ideas and comprehensive advice

Why don’t you just look around in our online store and decide only on high quality promotional products for your advertising campaign. We advise you comprehensively and provide you with creative ideas for your customers. Benefit from that even today!