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Fermented juice from berries does not at first sound like a beverage, but it is in fact the basis for one of our most exclusive drinks: Wine. In no restaurant or at any party may this drink be missing. But not only its flavor and exclusivity are particular for the wine, it is also a great and welcome gift! In the shop of allbranded you have the possibility to personalize wines in your company look and thus not only bring joy to your target group, but also maintain the image and reputation. You can now create wine with your look, slogan or Personal greeting!

Promotional gifts with taste: wine

Wines can look back on a long and exciting history. Presumably, this drink has not been missing at celebrations or meetings since early time, because wine has been here since the 6. Millennium b.c. It al started at that time in Middle East. Over thousands of years wine made not only the leap from expensive drink for the top layer to high-quality beverages for everyone, but also played a significant role as an agricultural product. From the fermented juice of grapes quickly arose various types of wines: red, white and rosé wines. Red wines are said to be very heavy. They are preferably drunk to savory dishes. White and rose wines on the other hand are classified light taste and are served with fish and pasta dishes. In a class of its own is the champagne. It is a special variant of the sparkling wines, that passes through multiple fermentation processes and decomposes with carbonic acid.

Advertise with wine: a high-quality advertising media

Wines are an integral part of all celebration. Speaking of Champagne, as a kind of sparkling wines, it gets almost institutional status in the case of classical and new year celebrations. Very long wearing wines have a high value in the social and life rituals, for they are symbol of many religions and mythologies. Also from an art historical point of view wine represents festivity. No wonder that this drink is also trade as a high value promotional gift. According to usual events or seasonal celebrations, as well as personal events such as birthdays, you can give wine to your target group. This gift has a special value and also adapts to any occasion. As a company you present yourself in a particularly elegant shine, if your customers, employees and business partners receive an advertising gift of this value.

Wine as a giveaway is worth it!

Promotional gifts have a great promotional effect for you. When advertising in the form of a present, you receive significantly higher sympathy values than for advertising on TV-spots or newsletter in the letter box. Customers, employees and business partners will enjoy the wine in your company look at a particularly delicious dinner or at a great celebration and think about your business. You will be connected with a positive memory and rise in the eyes of your target groups. If the recipients keep the bottle of wine or the set for a longer period of time, they unconsciously build a reminder value for your brand. Customers who are in daily contact with this promotional article are recalled to you . But this individualized advertising material is not only fit as a gift for customers or employees. They are also recommended for catering and hotels that are able to offer their own wines. Advertising Products strengthen your suniform company image both internally and externally and can be a sign of your diligence and attention to detail.

Design of wines as advertising Products

In allbranded online store you will find a wide range of varieties of wines that can be individualized freely according to your corporate design. Here you have the choice between single bottles of wine and creative gift sets in which wines are combined with other presents. In these present baskets are design umbrellas, exclusive wine glasses or a historically matured cheeses. With this original promotional gifts from allbrande you present gifts with a personal touch. Logo, slogan or personal greeting can be printed on the gift boxes or labels and so always refer to your company. So make your target groups remember over a longer period of time. Start now with the individualisation of these high-quality advertising items in the allbranded Online Shop!