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Make a present for children with high-quality promotional items. To begin an ongoing relationship between the company and the recipient at an early age. Customise Christmas with your logo or slogan.



Customer gifts are very popular in many companies – most companies know that a good business partnership can not only be started, but also nurtured and strengthened with small presents. Signal your customers that you think of them. Especially special occasions like Christmas are ideal to send small gifts to your clients. You will see how much such small presents are appreciated by your customers, employees and partners! And you will certainly be rewarded, as the Christmas surprise will create a long-term positive impression about your company. Great partnerships lie ahead!

Choose something special, especially for Christmas

We all know them: the omnipresent notepads, pens or coasters – all of them are promotional items. It is obvious that such presents may be practical, but less personal. Particularly special events and occasions like Christmas require more original and creative personalised gift ideas. Christmas gifts should create the right atmosphere, be selected carefully and still achieve the desired promotional effect. That does not mean you can’t use traditional promotional items like customised chocolate or coffee cups. With an original wrapping or together with other, practical gifts, such Christmas gifts can be something very special. It is clear that the impact of a highly appreciated gift will be reflected on you. Because if the customer uses the gift every single day, you stay in their memory and they will be more open to remember you when making the next purchase decision. This is one of the key points of an efficient Christmas gift for your customer: utility. Forego standard gifts and try something new, creative and original.

Appreciate customers, employees and business partners during Christmas time

Especially at Christmas, the celebration of contemplation, it is simple to show your customers or employees your appreciation in a simple and neutral way. When the whole city lights up with a thousand colours and people wear red Santa hats, you as entrepreneur can relax and select the appropriate Christmas gifts. Would you like red tea candles, red personalised Christmas decorations, or customised lip balms? No problem! Especially during this time, it is okay to take things a bit more slowly. Of course, all products in our shop can be customised depending on your personal preferences. For instance, most of our products can be adjusted in colour or printed with the most cutting-edge printing technology. Talk to us about it!

Personalised Christmas gifts from allbranded

allbranded fulfils any wish for your choice of Christmas gifts. The best is: you can easily print on any product with your company colours, lettering or logo, no matter if gel heat cushions, ice scrapers or tea candle holders. If you like, Christmas will be celebrated in the style of your business. The times when you had a hard time to select the right customer gifts in order to distinguish yourself from the competition are gone. With allbranded, you can now get the most enchanting, sustainable or fun Christmas gifts, and will certainly leave the recipient with a great memory of your company. Go online today and get inspired by our broad range of attractive possibilities in our shop. And in case you need our help: Dial our hotline, and our expert team will be happy to advise you on finding the perfect Christmas gifts!