Branded Colouring Sets

If you want to improve your image in the children’s world, or emphasize your image in terms of child friendliness, we at allbranded have the solution for you! Have a look at our online shop and discover all the promotional merchandise we put together for drawing and colouring. Advertising colouring sets make children the happiest out of everyone. When giving away colouring equipment, even the adults will take notice of you. Go to our online shop today, and discover the most suitable colouring products for you.

Personalisable promotional products for colouring

Colouring can be a hobby, a passion or a profession. However only seldomly masterpieces, which will be displayed at the museum, are created. Colouring is and will always be an important part in life, a subject at school or in courses, or just balance out working life and private life. Colouring is being seen as an important step for the development in children. It is a form of communication via images, which is being used instead of language for explanation, as the later can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. Colouring and drawing can also be a personal virtue. A hobby is an opportunity to express ones feelings, but also the first step when it comes to ideas, models and briefings. When used for business promotion, colouring equipment is very effective, due to its various different uses and target groups. The popularity of these creative promotional items is rising at a steady pace.

Custom Colouring equipment – an original way to advertise

Colouring equipment is an awesome customisable product. It is closely connected to one of the most widespread hobbies. You can impress old and young with these awesome products. Branded with your logo and in constant use, colouring equipment can attract the attention of your target group in no time. Opposite to effective branded merchandise like mugs, lanyards or bags, promotional colouring equipment is extraordinary and fulfils with its originality the prerequisites of a successful marketing campaign. Generally speaking: The more useful an item is, the more often its owner will use it. The more a promotional item is used, the more your company will become memorable. Branded colouring sets develop a memorable value for your brand, proven by studies, which show that with 78 % of promotional merchandise, customers can remember the name of the brand. But deciding to use colouring equipment as advertising merchandise is not only clever due to the memorable effect, but also due to the item’s reach among individuals. Through the colouring equipment’s various uses at pre-schools, schools, universities, offices, private household as well as among the public, even individuals situated close to the user can notice your brand by looking at the promotional items. Brand impressions are being generated, brand interest is being aroused and in the last stage, new clients are being acquired. With allbranded’s colouring sets, you have the possibility to make your branded and personalised promotional colouring equipment speak for itself. Crayons and colouring sets are your pleasant marketing ambassador. We recommend them strongly, as colouring is a hobby which is being developed from a very young age and which can integrate your promotional message into the hobbies of your clients, co-workers and business partners.

How to use pens as promotional merchandise

Take a look at the allbranded online shop for different colouring giveaways. There you can find individual colouring pens, pencil sets as well as crayons in a small crayon suitcase with over 50 individual pieces. We can even offer you colouring books for a low price, which you can combine with the colouring equipment and thus give a full colouring set as a gift to someone. Occasions for the use of colouring sets as branded items are always there. You can use them as a small gift for your younger target group, for occupational means in the waiting room of a surgery or as an eye catcher at your exhibition booth. The multi-piece colouring sets are also suitable as original gifts for Easter or Christmas. They can be used as promotional items for colouring, as gifts for new students or included in the purchase of notebooks, writing utensils or school backpacks, all for the sake of making your clients keep you in mind.

Promotional products for modern customers

In general, branded colouring sets can address a variety of different target groups, but especially one group is being addressed with colouring items: children. Use promotional colouring items to impress even the small ones. Giving out promotional merchandise to children is not useless as all. The children will remember your brand in the future and may be the future clients of your company. This is how you can imagine the advertising effect of haptic promotional items like branded colouring sets. Even the parents and the child’s environment can be infected by the small artist’s excitement and can at the same time show, that your company is also friendly towards the non-business world. You cannot go wrong in trying to address children. If your company is also relevant for children, they in turn will draw their parents’ and relatives’ attention to you. Besides colouring sets, we also have, other promotional items in the allbranded online shop, which can be targeted towards children. We stock individual brain games, branded children’s toys as well as children’s clothing, which you can personalise by printing or embroidery.

Advertise environmentally friendly with our colouring products

A great number of products, which you can find in our colouring category, are manufactured environmental friendly. Being represented through environmental promotional items in the public, can create a new image for your company, which stands for environmental awareness and sustainability. Rely on environmental friendly products, like our personalisable nature pens, which are being made out of unvarnished wood, originated from controlled farming.