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Branded Drinks Bottles

Bottles are a modern and particularly exceptional method, to bring promotional messages of your own company to the public. In general stationary or snacks are being used as giveaways, however even drinking bottles are already being implemented. At allbranded you will receive the opportunity, to brand your drinking bottles with various visuals, promotional messages or your own logo. Low cost prices and quick delivery times can be expected when visiting our online shop. Take a look at our online shop and see all we have to offer!

Effective combination: The branded bottle as a useful item and promotional product

Already in early advanced civilisations, bottles were popular items to use. Back then, still made out of clay or tin, bottles were found in many excavations in Egypt, East Asia as well as central European settlements of Germanic tribes. They were mostly used as containers for luxury items, like oil or perfume. Nowadays, bottles are usually made out of glass, metal or plastic. Especially the later is always causing criticism. Bottles provide us with beverages. They enable the fulfilment of one of our basic needs and keep our mental and physical performance at a high. This is why it is a bad sign when discussions about how PET-bottles are damaging to us and to the environment, are popping up everywhere. PET drinking bottles are often associated with harbouring a health risk to the body, hormonal strain as well as changing the taste of the water. With the drinking bottle range at allbranded, you will however, be on the safe side. Premium, extraordinary and especially health friendly varieties, which can be easily personalised and branded, are waiting to be ordered by you.

Advertising with branded bottles

Some people might doubt the advertising effect of such an everyday item like the drinking bottle, however this is exactly the reason why it is one of the strongest promotional products. About 70 % of the human body is consisting of water. It is therefore recommended to drink at least 2 – 3 litres of water every day. Water is the basis of human life, which is why it is so important for us. The connection to the drinking bottle is for that reason, very obvious. It is the container we use to satisfy one of our basic needs. This immense user value cannot be disputed and will quickly lead to a daily use of your printed drinks bottle. Reach your target audience by using drinking bottles as promotional items, branded, with your company logo. When your recipients use the bottles, your advertising message will easily be memorised and will stay in their minds for a long time. Your company will not only seem generous and friendly, but will also profit from the generated recall. Your brand will be present when purchasing decisions are made and personalised drinking bottles will promote your target group to recommend your brand to their family, friends and acquaintances. In addition to that, the branding on the bottles is especially eye-catching and always visible when the bottle is being used for drinking. It is therefore out of question, that even target groups which have not been reached by your promotional message up until now, will definitely be reached with the help of your branded drinking bottles, which in turn will spark interest in your services, products and your company itself. This way, brand impressions are being generated and will greatly benefit your brand and your company.

Possible uses for promotional printed drinks bottle

Printed drinks bottles can be used as a promotional item in many various ways. They can be used at conferences and company events in order to serve drinks, which will generate awareness for your company as they are branded with your design. Similarly, branded drinking bottles can be wonderful gifts for customers, co-workers as well as business partners. You can simply fill the drinking bottle with a luxurious beverage, and give the designer bottle, packaged in a premium package, as a present at Christmas, Easter or anniversaries. Furthermore, you can display the branded bottles at your exhibition booth, to offer light refreshments to the visitors. Especially for the hotel business or the food service industry, there are plenty of different possible uses for the branded bottles. Personalise, for example, the bottles and glasses in your hotel lounge, in your restaurant or top up the mini bar with your branded promotional goods, which show your love for detail. Even as a gift to your loyal customers, these great branded drinking bottles can be used for every occasion. You can even sell your own personalised bottles to your hotel customers, in order to create a lasting memory of their stay in your hotel. The variety of possible uses for branded bottles is infinite.

Various bottles at the allbranded online shop

Because of the their variety, bottles can be used as promotional items to address various target groups. To properly personalise your drinking bottles for all occasions, we at the allbranded online shop offer various versions of the promotional bottle. The most important part is stability and the branded bottles being leak-proof. All our bottles are free from harmful substances and dishwasher-proof. The sealable container for the purpose of transportation and storage of beverages, is available in metal, plastic or glass versions. While plastic bottles are perfect for travel, the sport drinks bottles can be, for example, attached to the bike. Of course you can also find extraordinary and very eye-catching printed drinks bottles at the allbranded online shop, which can easily be used as promotional products. For example, we do stock the Tutti-Frutti bottle, which can be personalised with a company specific print. It comes with a twist-on fruit infuser, which can infuse your drinks with a hint of lemon, orange or mint. Very simple and convenient is the Cabo water bag, which comes with a carabineer and is ideally suited for transpiration, hiking or climbing. The light material makes the Cabo bag a perfect companion on long walks. Also recommendable, is the Flow carafe with an integrated cooling stick. It can be filled with water and frozen subsequently, in order to provide guests with cold water, juices or chilled white wine. Take a look at the bottle category in the allbranded shop, to find the perfect promotional product of gift for you!

Sustainable promotional item: glass bottles

The trend towards sustainability is unmistakable, and has also reached the promotional industry. Eco-friendly ballpoint pens or bamboo lanyards are a only few of the classics. Even among personalised drinking bottles, you can find sustainable promotional products, which are not excluded from the trend towards sustainability. If you want to express environmental friendliness, the drinking bottle made out of glass, is the right thing for your company. The glass bottle preserves the taste and the freshness of the beverage, is reusable, hygienic and totally taste free! It will also look better in the long term as it is resistant against starches on the surface and transparent. Needless to say, glass bottles are recyclable and environmental friendly. They can be reused more often compared to the PET bottle, which shows a long product life cycle. The use of glass bottles saves the use of raw materials and reduces the production of waste as well as harmful gases. We advice you to use personalised glass bottles as promotional products for your target groups. By doing this, you will not only benefit as a company but will also do something good for the environment.

Premium promotional gifts: Engraved or printed flask

As special promotional gifts, we recommend personalised flasks. Surprise your customers, co-workers and business partners with this premium promotional present. Of course in this case, the industry is very important: For a beverages producer, a premium cocktail lounge or a liquor store, engraved or printed flasks will be the perfect gift. In our online shop, you can choose between versions made out of plastic or stainless steel. Be bold, and use a flask as a promotional gift. This will show appreciation towards the recipient and originality when it comes to gift giving.