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Clock Disk

According to road traffic act, clock discs have to be placed in a way so that they can be easily read from the outside of the car. This law is perfect for your company and your advertising message! Print clock discs of allbranded with your logo and distribute them among car drivers and like this, you’ll let them do the merchandising for you. This way, the presentees do not only get to know your company, but everybody who sits in a car with them.

Distribute clock discs by allbranded and spread your message

Clock discs as promotional products do not only have benefits for your customers and save them from fines, but they are also good advertising products that reach a lot of people. Customers who use a clock disc with your company logo directly advertise for you.

On the side of the law with clock discs as promotional presents

With clock discs as promotional items you’re definitely doing a favour to your business partners, since they might need them anyway. It’s not uncommon, that its mandatory place a clock disc in the car in front of the post office or the inner-city. With your personalized clock discs, this will no longer be a problem for your customers!

Giveaways clearly visible for your customers

In order for your customers to use these promotional products and not leave them on the desk back at home, you should distribute them the right way. Car dealerships or registration offices are the ideal platform for your clock discs, since your customers will definitely go to their car afterwards and place the giveaway in the glove compartment. Go there and ask if you can place your giveaways there. Insurance offices and driving schools are also a good place for your giveaway and to bring joy to car drivers.

allbranded backs up your advertising campaign

Whether clock discs with or without chips or Car Park Ticket-Boy – the online store of allbranded customizes your advertising products just as you wish. You tell us your advertising message or sent us your logo and we print your giveaways. Your customers will place them clearly visible in their cars: This way of advertising works by itself and is pretty easy!