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Customised USB-Products

A fresh breeze on hot working days or a little bit of music can increase the performance significantly. USB-ventilators and speakers by allbranded encourage the working morale and provide success for your business. Equip your offices with these ventilators and look after the wellbeing of your employees. Printed with your company logo or claim, these USB devices are catchy and useful promotional products with high added value. If it gets dark, the USB flash light helps. Just connect these gadgets via USB port and you can enjoy the benefits. These promotional USB devices are perfect as a giveaway for business partners and customers and have a huge positive effect on them.

USB products as advertising mediums with huge purview

Only a few people know that USB is just the shortening of Universal Serial Bus. It’s a bus system that allows the connection between computers and external devices. There is almost no interface on the computer or another electronic device that is more important as the USB interface. Since its introduction in the nineties, almost all other interfaces such as firewire, SCSI and eSATA were displaced by it. The USB products are now a beloved office item. Due to their versatile application possibilities and their user value in the digital age, they are great as a promotional product for employees, business partners and customers. Designed with your logo or slogan, they do not only look good, but also increase the sympathetic value for your company. allbranded helps you to use the abilities of these promotional USB products and to approach your target audience.

USB advertising with high tech and advanced products

The development of the USB standard lead to the creation of entirely new devices, such as the USB flash drive. This compact storage device is still the most well-known USB accessory for the computer and is present in every office and on every desk. Due to its handiness, light weight and cheap prices, the USB flash drive is one of the most popular storage devices that even put CDs and DVDs in their place – not only because of its huge disk space. In the last few years, a huge range of further products came into the market that uses the USB port as power source: table fans and coffee mug warmers for example proof the diversity of the USB port in an original way and reveal the enormous added benefit of the universal serial bus. USB does not always have to be a flash drive. Discover unusual USB advertising products in our allbranded online store.

USB as advertising medium

In order to have success with your promotional product, it has to be aesthetic and offer user value. With the allbranded USB products you’ll meet all requirements of a promotional product and score with your target audience. Like this, it’s no wonder that the promo USB article is one of the most beloved giveaways, besides ball pens, lanyards and T-Shirts. The customizable USB products by allbranded are extraordinary and attract attention. This way, you’ll not only delight your target audience and you will stay in the minds of your customers, employees and business partners. USB products are ideal promotional presents because they’re innovative and offer additional value with fresh air in summer, like the USB table fan, or help you in the early gloom of winter, like the USB table flashlight.

Customisation of USB products in the allbranded online store

Our motto at allbranded is: “You name it we brand it”. What this slogan should tell you? Nothing is impossible for us. We customize every promotional product imaginable as you wish. USB products can be designed with engravings or prints of your corporate design and turn into a unique item. The promotional value increases with the customization, because the strengthened memorability. Our creative service team is happy to help you with the design of your USB products to reach the highest advertising effect possible. Start now with the innovative USB products as promotional gifts and use them as high quality employee presents or original fair products.