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Tablet Cases

Tablets are the new computers and a great compensation to laptops. They accompany us every single day. These products go with the current times and are used in different ways throughout many target groups. May it be the business man on his way to the office, your employee in his lunch break or your customer on travels – tablets are products that accompany us everywhere and have a huge purview. Customize tablet cases with your logo or slogan and give them away to your target group. Make use of this haptic way of advertising for the sake of your company, your products and your image – with the assistance of allbranded.

Tablet cases with printed logo

Tablet cases offer great protection of scratches, dirt and dust. They are especially popular with products of high value. The customizable tablet cases of allbranded leave a great impression on your target group. With their high user value and the general popularity of tablets, tablet cases became promotional products that can change the image of your company and strengthen the relationship with your target audience. But in order to get that effect the cases need to be customized. Without your logo or a similar design, your promotional products have no chance to stay in the mind of your customers. That’s why we at allbranded suggest you to print our products and offer you the possibility to design all of them as you wish.

Make your customers happy with customized tablet covers

Everybody is happy about a small present, especially when you don’t expect it. promotional products are one of these surprises. That’s why they are not seen as advertisements but as presents that are given out of kindness and mindfulness. Customers can be made happy with these individualized tablet cases and they will be emotionally bounded to the company. Study results showed that 73 % of britishs are happy to receive a promotional product. You can also gain a lot of new customers with these original products. Tablet cases accompany your target group in their everyday lives and enable them to spontaneously check their mails, social media accounts and research important information whenever and wherever they want. They are empty canvases that can become advertising banners by printing your logo on them and at the same time they’ll reach more people than other advertising mediums.

Great range of tablet cases

The interest in tablets and the right accessories increases. You can get our tablet etuis in different forms that are all be ready to be customized. It’s their job to secure the tablet, for example with their special padded inner surface, reinforced shell and reliable zippers. Whether foldable cases or slide-in bags, with our great choices you can create your own tablet creations. By choosing the ideal custom tablet cover you especially have to pay attention to the size. The sizes are listed in inches and vary throughout the different models and brands. The chosen material is also of great importance. May it be the water-repellent choice in neoprene, the standard bag in polyester or the fancy model in leather. At the same time, these promotional products have special features that can be important to your target group. For example we offer tablet cases with comfortable handles or pockets for chargers, keyboards, headphones and touch pens. Our cases with integrated Bluetooth keyboard are especially popular.

If you struggle with the choice for one customizable article, the allbranded customer service is here to help you. We are your competent and creative partner for successful promotional products.