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A keyboard is rudimentary for a home pc. They are an input device for all computer work and writing texts without them is just unimaginable. In the allbranded online store you’ll find different models of pc keyboards that we can customize in your corporate design. Whether wireless Bluetooth keyboard or mini keyboard, our extraordinary products from this category are the optimal representatives of your brand that you can use in order to approach your target audience. With allbranded you choose your partner for promotional products that stands out due to its individuality and originality.

"Extraordinary advertising medium: The keyboard

In 1868 the inventor, politician and journalist Christopher Latham Sholes had a ground-breaking idea: With a lever, he stroke against carbon paper, which left behind an imprint of a letter on paper. The typewriter was born and came on the market in 1874. It was the precursor of our modern keyboard that we also owe to Mr Sholes. His invention is used until today. For a home pc, the keyboard is a standard accessory, for working people that are a lot on the computer, it’s a familiar helper. The keyboard as an input device and control element of the computer is a crucial product in the digital time and age. It is used on home pcs as well as mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. Their benefit are that texts can be created much faster and easier with them and therefore they simplify the communication process of for example business correspondence.

Computer keyboards with pressure

It’s worth it for your company to use keyboards as promotional products . This product is an everyday object. They are important for daily tasks, like for example an online bank transfer, as well as professional tasks of all kind. In order to let keyboards advertise for you in this very moments, you need to customize them with for example your logo or the company claim. Our custom keyboards in the allbranded online store are usually modified through silk-screening or pad printing. In the silk-screening process, the colours of your printing pattern will be applied to the surface of your advertising article with the use of a screen. The pad printing on the other hand transfers the advertising message with a stamp onto your keyboard. This is our cheapest printing technique at the moment. Our team is happy to help you by choosing the right printing technique.

Different keyboard models

Nowadays keyboards are not only popular as control elements for the pc, but also because of their compatibility with other mobile devices such as iPhones, gaming consoles, smartphones or tablets. There are a variety of different models of external keyboards that can be customized in the allbranded shop. You can get keyboards with or without wire. Models with wire are either connected via USB port or PS-2 jack to the electronic device. The Bluetooth keyboard however is especially popular, because it guarantees a fast and secure data transfer and works reliable. You always have to keep in mind, that the radio signal is bound to a certain radius of movement, just as a wired keyboard. Other than the Bluetooth keyboards, there are many other models in our shop. The mini-keyboards for example are ideal for travels on trains or airplanes. Our ergonomic keyboards are designed for the health of the user and should protect your wrists. While working on the keyboard they should be relaxed by maintaining the natural position of the hand while writing. This way inflammation on the sensitive carpal tunnel can be prevented. Other forms of our keyboards are gaming keyboards or keyboards with integrated touch pad. Choose a keyboard that fits your target group and their way of using it and start customizing your promotional keyboard.

Advertise haptically with keyboards & co

Keyboards do not only transfer messages that we type with them, but can also be a promotional product. They can serve as a welcome gift for new employees and can be placed as a set with customized sub flash drive and tablet case on the desk of the new colleague on his first day. At the same time, these products are perfect as giveaway for customers of an electronics store or a repair service. Furthermore by using these products, your brand will be spread and gets authentic advertising at a low price. In the allbranded online store you’ll definitely find the perfect advertising medium.