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Made in The UK Branded Items

With allbranded's new Made in The UK product range, you can have quality products delivered to your home or office quickly and conveniently! As these products are manufactured at home, we can offer you even more competitive prices so your advertising budget can go even further.

Whilst manufacturing and importing products from abroad can sometimes mean you pay less, paying slightly more for even better products is never a bad idea. Created using the latest and most advanced technology, the items you will find in this range are made to grab attention and stick in your recipients minds. Set your advertising wheels in motion and even increase your brand awareness today by placing your order!

A phone made in China, shoes made in India, handbags made in Morocco……I could probably continue this list for a few hours. Most of peoples possessions have travelled further than they have before they have even thought about buying them. Outsourcing has become the norm, from electrical appliances and clothes to medicine and furnishing. It is too easy to get everything shipped over from somewhere else. Ask yourself: how many items that you own are made in the UK?

The ‘Made in the UK’ seal is very special. Four words, eleven letters and one meaning: This is quality. The UK has been a country of innovation and inventions for hundreds of years and the ‘Made in the UK’ seal has an excellent reputation both at home and abroad. The label is associated with high technical standards. It is a guarantee of reliability and quality.

At allbranded we offer a wide range of promotional products that are proudly ‘Made in the UK’. The products are all made with care and refined techniques but also have very competitive prices so that you don’t have to pay for good quality. A huge benefit of the ‘Made in the UK’ products is that they result in a quick and efficient delivery time. The emotional power of "Made in the UK" products also extends to their function as an advertising medium. Whether it is a pen, a coffee mug or a designer chair, allbranded offers advertising products "Made in the UK" and for a very good reason... Because advertisements that bear this seal are more than just quality products - they are signs of great appreciation.