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Branded Lunch Boxes

A healthy diet is not always easy with canteen food and quick snacks from the baker or the snack bar just around the corner. Therefore, bread and lunch boxes are the ideal companion when in mood for healthy snacks prepared at home. In the online shop of allbranded you can select promotional products to help your customers to easily take fruit, salads or delicious bread meals with them. By personalized printing of your brand slogan allbranded provides for promotional products whose origin your business partners will never forget!

Provide your customers with bread & promotional lunchboxes of allbranded

"You are what you eat" is for many workers, who go daily to the cantten, certainly wishful thinking. Often only unhealthy or greasy food is offered and the healthy fruit waits at home to be eaten. Do your customers a big favor and give bread & lunch boxes as advertising Products.

Boxes, that meet every purpose

Because our food should be varied, so are the bread & lunch boxes of allbranded. You can buy for your advertising campaign storage trays for apples buy shells for salads or delight your customers with square boxes that can accomodate various food thanks to inner compartments. Our online shop provides your selection with your company logo, which certainly will appeal to your customers during a meal.

Distribute sustainable and effective Bread and lunch boxes

Did you know that in Japan are almost held competitions with the contents of the bread boxes? Who has his bread & lunch box most beautifully designed, wins. There are even a successful blogs on this topic. Be as creative in your advertising campaign and organise a competition in which you distribute the bread and lunch boxes. Participants can then take photos of their art works and with such giveaways as "Consolation prize", there can be no losers.

Another aspect of lunch boxes is their environmental friendliness. Packed to its snacks in the promotional items saves the packaging material and the environment. The Promotional gifts you can therefore also very well distribute on environmental events and lectures on sustainability.

Individual pressure responds when eating

Already on opening the bread boxes your business partners will take a look at the advertising article, so printing with the company logo is important. allbranded provides digital printing to ensure that your customers remember you during the meal!