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Promotional Beanbag Chairs

It is no secret that long sitting on hard and inflexible seating furniture can cause tension and damage to the back or spine. We at allbranded offer you comfortable seat bags for relaxed sitting. Due to the high-quality processing, the bags fit to the body shape and are ideal as a promotional tool for your business. Used in your gastronomy service, in the office, at the trade fair stand or at home and printed with your company logo they are a real eye-catcher. Use the large advertising space and talk to your customers, business partners and employees, on creative and highly effective advertising. You can find at allbranded seat bags in different shapes, sizes and colors that can be printed entirely according to your wishes for use as a promotional gift or personal use. 

Sit differently

the slightly older vintages are the resurrection of the seat bag as a popular promotional products with great astonishment, perhaps even with a nostalgic enthusiasm have observed. The seat sacks of allbranded promote a pleasant seat feeling and invite you to linger. Thanks to the excellent processing it adapts to the shape of the body and provides for good feeling with your customers, business partners and employees. Ensure enthusiasm and put the seat bags for the summer in your beach club, office or bar as an attention-strong advertising media. Printed with your company logo or brand claim and a huge selection of colors leave a positive impression not only when seated.

Seat bags as robust and trendy promotional gifts

seat bags are characterized by a large number of beneficial properties, which can also be used as premium promotional gift to your employees, customers and business partners. On the one hand, due to its lightness and its flexible form easy to transport and easy to store. On the other hand they are very robust and durable, in addition water resistant and light-resistant. Your reference is thanks to the built-in zipper quickly removable and can be washed in the washing machine easily.

Seat bags in the shop to

the online shop of allbranded allbranded you have the choice between seat-bags in different sizes and forms. As a favorable variant recommends the Mini lounger with a size of 130 x 100 cm and a weight of 4 kg above all as a seat for the small is suitable. As floor cushions to lie on makes the model bow lounger and a giant variant with a cozy seating area of 180 x 140 cm Design lounger, is a real eye-catcher.

Seat Insert bags as promotional gifts

seat bags are due to their cost price of over fifty euros per piece no stray items such as a ballpoint pen or mini seat sacks whose production in cent area ranks. Seat bags are therefore less a classic give away as much more very popular Premium gifts. As an entrepreneur you give your employees seat bags that you to relax to take home with you. With your Logo on the large seating area increase the popularity of your company in the private environment of the recipient and by the thoughtful gesture of them is also the commitment of employees with their company will increase. You are on exhibitions with a trade fair stand? Invite interested parties to stay on your stand by large, comfortable seat bags place your picture brand in scene back. Seat bags are also popular furnishings in stylish bars and blend for the inauguration of the lounge areas. Also for film premieres and open-air cinemas are bean bags with water-resistant protective covers advertising Products with eye-catcher.

Seat bags with allbranded printing

all in the online-shop of allbranded offered variants of seat-bags are made from polyester with references and are delivered to the independent testing and certification system for textile products "Oeko-tex Standard 100" certified. If lush green, full red or blue - you can choose from a wide range of select the desired color and its seat bag on both sides as desired printing. Provide you with a seat bag in the color of your company logo for the necessary recognition value and with your logo for a successful brand communication. allbranded uses for a refinement of your seat sacks the technique of thermal transfer printing, for detailed images with high color brilliance and contour sharpness. Order your cozy Sacco advertising article online now for a sustainable advertising effect.