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With allbranded you can make unique promotional products out of demanding waiting games. These kinds of games do not only train the patience, but also inspire the mind and phantasy. Real quiz friends can use hours for a good and hard patients game. The best part of course is, when the player finishes a game. When your logo is linked to this moment of happiness, your company will definitely stay in the mind of your customer or business partner for a long time. Choose from a huge variety of waiting games at allbranded and print them individually as you wish. Original promotional products with brains!

Individual promotional products with brains in the online store at allbranded

Patience games can often make somebody tear one’s hair out, but one thing is certain: They don’t let go of the player and the happiness that comes with a finished game, is just not to describe. Patients games as promotional products don’t only remain in the hand of your customer or business partner for a long time, but also in their heads. An ideal combination for advertising purposes.

Personalised promotional products or success on big events

Here you’ll find a huge variety of different waiting games in different forms. Whether as aimed promo article for special customers or as giveaway on fairs, conferences and other big events – with waiting games as a promo article, you’ll stand out of the masses.

Special merchandising for special needs

Patience games signalize a special message: We focus on brains, endurance and sophisticated solutions! This statement can be extended by different sub-statements, depending on what product you’re choosing. Our “Connect Four” puzzle game is the right promotional product if you want to focus on sociability and community. Because what can relax you more than a small thinking game with a good friend? The positive side effect for you: with this promotional product you can address two customers at the same time. Cool designs, futuristic forms and fancy colours are offered by our Pussycat 3D-Thinking Games. In these games you need skill, patience and the power of deduction. Smart brains will have fun with puzzle games like “Cage”, “Hexon” or “Sixbricks”. These promotional products will definitely be popular among your customers and business partners.

Customise your promotional products with allbranded

No matter which personalized game you decide to get, one thing is for sure: by customizing it individually, every game will turn into an original promotional product. In our online store you can easily personalize these advertising games with your slogan or logo. We deliver fast, so that you can surprise your customers as soon as possible and that you’ll stay in the minds for a long time. Order your individualized promotional products now at allbranded!