Whether you address your future customers or make use of family oriented advertising – children’s toys offers a lot of possibilities to influence the image of your company in a positive way, when used as a promotional product. Whoever shows a heart for children and makes them happy with colourful, exciting promotion toys, will also win the sympathy of their parents and create a positive link to the own company. Customized advertising toys is interesting for young and old at the same time.

Child-oriented and family friendly promotional products in the allbranded online store

“Children are our future” – a generally known wisdom that is also important in advertising. But here, children are not only the future, but also the present. Children’s toys are not only the right choice if you want to address your future customers. It’s also helpful to give your company a family friendly image and to gain the attention of a grown-up target audience with children. Customized advertising toys by allbranded is the perfect solution as giveaway or targeted promotional present.

Versatile fun for children

You can find different child-oriented products in our online store, where your logo or slogan can be printed on individually. For the little ones we have hand and finger puppets. With these soft mice, ducks and bears as a giveaway, you will not only gain the attention of children, but also the attention of the parents that will play something for their children with these printed figures.

Firm-specific merchandising with the help of small heroes

For companies in the creative sector the children’s painting kit “Lilly” is especially useful. With this promotional product, these small artists can let their imagination run free. For companies in the financial sector, we offer play money and money boxes in colourful designs and funny shapes. Our popular yoyos in different variations offer fun for many target groups. You’ll find the perfect merchandising at allbranded for all areas of application.

Personalise children’s toys fast and easy

If you decided for the right children's toy in our online store, you can easily print them with your logo or slogan. The perfect promotional product for young and old are your customized children's toys by allbranded. Spread fun among the entire family with your giveaways!