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It is not unusual for promotional gifts to be refused due to lack of benefit by the customer. With the products from the online shop of allbranded something like that will not happen. There is hardly a more helpful advertising item then the bandaid. Here you will present the bandaids in attractive and of course differently shaped boxes. This advertising item reaches a large number of customers and is also very attractive for new customers. Through the healing effect of the bandaids your company will be met with positive feelings. It can help building a long-term customer relationship.

Use every opportunity

To distribute patch as an advertising medium optimally, it is recommended to choose special trade fairs. This includes, on the one hand craft and measuring tools, because particularly handcraft professions have to constantly struggle with smaller injuries. On the other hand, patch is also a popular giveaway on doctor meetings and technical medical trade fairs. Again, you will come across such advertising Products with any potential customer conversation.

With promotional Products from allbranded send the right signals

Distributed advertising Products are an additional attention. Often issued after a successful cooperation or to place yourself in the awareness of customers and business partners. For us the recognition value of your company is particularly in high demand. You therefore have the option of having your name as well as a great slogan printed on the merchandising. We print the products individually and do it according to your own ideas.

The selection determines the success

In addition to simply designed hard plastic boxes in our online shop you can find other forms. So we offer you the most practical pflaster-box also as a one-handed version. In addition there is in the form a medical cross case. All advertising gifts are offered in different colors and individually printed for you.

Your advertising article are in good hands

A satisfied customer base is best achieved with a perfect service and little touches of allbranded. With the giveaway you score points at trade fairs as well as purchase additional points for larger accounts. In addition, patch is a meaningful gift, used in everyday life and in special occupational groups. Do not settle for less and order from allbranded!