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Heat Packs & Cooling Packs

While the thermometer in the summer can climb to more than thirty degrees , the population freezes at winter often at ten or more subzero temperatures. Especially for people who work outdoors, a troublesome task - remedy is a high quality hand warmer and cooling pad. Placed in jacket or trouser pocket and kept warm or cool the hands. As an advertising medium for use in sports clubs, kindergartens, businesses or households, they have a high reach for your business. You can find at allbranded hand warmers and cooling pillows in different forms and colors that can be printed according to your wishes . You can now order your personalised promotional gift and make warm moments or a slight cooling off with your customers, employees or business partners.

Stowed in a blink of an eye

Who does not know if the child has a fever and the temperature must be reduced or cold hands restrict the fine motor skills of people? For the necessary equipment to address these and other problems, here are the customised heat and cooling pads of allbranded. Depending on the application request in advance in the refrigerator or in a hot water bath, create the desired temperature - who has no kettle, one simply neds the incorporated metal platelets and ensures warm hands. By the simple means of transport the heat and cooling cushions are ideal advertising medium for your company to be made known. Printed with your company logo they are a real attention magnet and offer enough space for your brand claim. Reach your target groups and make your choice from our numerous heat and cooling pillows.

Popular giveaway in summer and winter

Due to its favorable production, large advertising space and through their practical use, cooling and heat pads have developed to a popular giveaways in the promotional product range. Latent heat storage is often carried in winter in the pocket, in order to keep the hands warm if there are currently no gloves in the vicinity. This promotional gifts also are particularly popular with the numerous outdoor sectors, as for example in the scaffolding, customs or in road construction. And in the summer, cold pillows from the refrigerator to ensure that your business partners or employees keep a cool head in the meeting or in the free time while hiking.

Hand warmers and cooling cushions in the range of promotional products

In the online shop of allbranded allbranded you will find a wide variety of thermal cushions and cooling pads, which indicated by a logo print make excellent advertising article. In addition to the oval or round gel heating pads in football-optics, you will also find more interesting models in the form of a drop, a cloverleaf or in the appearance of a bear or a duck for children. Also PVC cooling pads are available in various shapes and colors and can be printed according to your company looks using a logo, for a successful brand appearance.

The use of handwarmers and cooling pads

Hand warmers and cooling pads are advertising resources that can be produced for under a euro per piece. This price makes it even more interesting as agiveaway. If you are a sports shop retailer, you can hand them out on sport fairs like the ISPO in large quantities. Cooling pads are in the club sports in competitions regularly used for pain relief, for example, when athletes have a sprained ankle. Also as an operator of a sanitary house or a pharmacy, it is advisable to opt for self-activating cooling pads as a promotional gifts on appropriate measure or anniversaries or the opening of the operation. Cooling Pads are often kept by many people in the refrigerator, to be able to relieve pain in the neck. Cooling Pads are not only for smaller target groups but also offer application purposes for everyone.

Individualise heat cushions and cooling pads

Suitable for the time of year your heat and cooling pad can be ordered in addition to the standardized forms as a snowman or flower. Printed with your logo or a nice slogan you will quickly reach a high number of contacts with potential customers who appreciate the cool or heat very much. For every application your advertising message is present. Most of the users interfere with the printing of the pads rather less. Rather, a visually boring monochrome pad can be nehanced with a fun and colorful print. Provide for an advertising medium with high utility value and greater recognition of your brand and order now hand warmers or cooling pads in our online shop. allbranded is your contact for hot and very cool promotional Products.