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Custom Printed Balls

Advertising with balls is not a bad idea, due to the high popularity of ball sports. Balls are loved with young and old, pros and amateurs and are the perfect advertising medium to transport your brand into the free time activities of your target audience. They are perfect for sports events. May it be the World Cup or an internal company match. You can print your advertising balls with a special message. This way you gain attention and a high memorable for the presentee and their surroundings. In our online store you can find a huge variety of beloved fitness balls. Whether soccer balls, water balls or PVC balls: With allbranded these printed advertising balls will become an inexpensive giveaway that can be used for a long time.

Personalised balls as advertising products

Balls in general are spherical and elastic items that are the foundation of many ball sports: During the centuries, a huge variety of ball sports have been created which have their own rules and balls. In Europe it’s soccer, in America it’s basketball that fascinates people equally. So it’s worth it trusting these balls as advertising products! Due to their high popularity of the sports and a high user value these products are made for different situations and target audiences. Use these advertising balls in clubs, physical education, on children events, in the park or on the beach and communicate your promotional message to the outside world. The high user value makes sure that they’re often used in everyday life. Thereby your brand will always be present when the products are printed with your brand logo and water, tennis and softballs will become a real eye-catcher.

Effect of balls as promotional products

Make use of the popularity of balls in every shape and make sure you customize them in order to turn them into an advertising article with high user value. Balls generate a lot of eye contacts with your brand due to their haptic character and can strengthen your relationship with your target audience. The distribution of these advertising balls is good for inner and outer relationships and creates new contacts for your brand. As fitness promotional product a ball transports your brand image in a relaxed free time atmosphere.

Sporty advertising with balls

We are happy to help you by choosing the right promotional balls. But maybe the following scenarios can inspire you a little bit: Your swimming pool has its ten year anniversary? Give away an inflatable water ball to your customers that is printed with your logo by the help of the dabber printing technique and that will help your logo to stay in the minds of the presentees. You are the owner of a fitness studio? Give away the “Golden Star” soccer ball at events like for example a summer fest and individualize it with your logo or slogan. Even as presents for birthdays, as a giveaway at lotteries or on a fair stall you can use advertising balls by allbranded.

Customisable balls in the range of allbranded

Balls as promotional products are not only characterized by a high user value and aesthetics. With their huge and prominent advertising space they’re a real eye catcher that will represent your brand or claim in public. Advertising balls can be produced fast and at low costs and communicate your advertising message on fairs or sports events. In the store of allbranded you can find different kinds of balls like soccer balls, water balls, soft balls and bouncing balls that are all available in different sizes and colours. In order to meet your corporate design these balls should be individualized. This way you can print them for example with your logo or slogan, but also other enhancing methods are possible. (Potential) customers, employees or business partners will always remember you this way!