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Promotional Beauty Products

Did you know that in Finland, business negotiations are executed in the sauna? Most probably because the relaxing atmosphere brings good results fast. You also should care about the wellbeing of your customers with promotional products by allbranded. But that should be no problem with the offers from our beauty department. Massage device, manicure kit or washbag do the job. These products become the perfect advertising medium once they are printed with your logo or claim.

allbranded spoils your customers with promotional beauty and wellness products

Small giveaways can have a huge effect if they show how much your customers mean to you! You can’t go wrong with promotional products from our beauty category. The attachment of your claim or company address can be easily done in our online store, so that the presentees immediately think of you!

Relaxation of all sense due to a huge beauty range

Our promotional beauty products offer relaxation in all aspects: Do something good to the eyes of your business partners by giving away cooling eye pads, a manicure kit that offers special nail care or organize the beauty products of your customers with helpful washbags.

Consciously use the beauty industry for your advertising needs

You don’t really want to disturb the visit in the sauna of your business partners by distributing advertising products? We also have alternative suggestions for your advertising campaign. Ask in swimming baths, thermal baths or hotels if they would use your products. Bathrobes with your logo on the exit of the sauna or eye masks on the night stands of hotel rooms spread happiness and create a positive image of your company. If your company is represented by a stall in the pedestrian area, then watch out for a place close to a manicure or massage salon. That’s where you’ll definitely reach your target audience.

Uniquely customized – giveaway individualized promotional products by allbranded

To still get recognized by your relaxed customers, it’s important that you customize the beauty products either with your logo or your brand name. allbranded therefore offers a digital print in the online store that works fast for you. After only a few days you can pick up your original promotional products and give them away.