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Promotional Bath Robes

Bath robes exude a special charm: They stand for relaxation, wellness and comfort. In the online store of allbranded we offer products as cosy advertising mediums. Design now bath robes in your design and attach your personal print or embroidery. With allbranded you choose a reliable partner for your personalized bath robes and a creative advisor for different application possibilities of these mediums. Choose your bath robe now and individualize it in your corporate design.

Advertise with bath robes

The bath robe – a sign of comfort. On weekends, you spend your mornings with them, in the wellness area you relax with it. Yes, a bath robe is mainly connected to relaxing moments in life. As a promotional product a bath robe spreads a lot of positive associations that you can make use of with your company. Thus your logo or slogan can accompany your target audience in quiet and beautiful moments – and you’ll stay present! Whether you decide for a bath robe in kimono style or for a bath robe with hoodie, with long or short sleeves – your customers, employees and business partners will be grateful.

Towel robes as promotional products for hotels and wellness

When we talk about relaxation, we first think of holidays and wellness trips. That’s why bath robes are perfect to be placed in spa areas or hotel rooms. Surprise your customers with customized bath robes in your rooms or suits or the wellness area that will remain a perfect present for your target audience, even when their holidays are over. This way, your customers have the opportunity to remember your hotel after a long period of time and might think about checking in again sometime. Especially in high class these kind of gestures are important in order to strengthen the bond between you and your guests and to spread a positive image. In the allbranded online store you’ll not only find bath robes as promotional products for hotels. We also offer chocolates, travel kits and sleep masks that are perfect for your setting.

That’s how you use bathrobes as promotional products

Bathrobes have many possible uses. They can be given away after booking a wellness stay. They can also be integrated in a set of presents and raffled in contests or used as a present on special occasions such as Christmas or Easter. Bathrobes can also be part of a hotel room or placed at the service point for customers. With bathrobes as promotional products , you show your guests that they are important to you even after the booking has been done. That’s how you can contribute to referral marketing.

Promotional products and their impact

Promotional towel robes count as one of our high quality promotional products . Their effect is increased by their exclusive character, but also all of our other products can have a huge effect if they’re chosen right. A study for example shows that 37% of britishs made up their mind about a company due to their promotional items. 76% of britishs are happy about promotional products. So it’s easy to explain the positive effect of advertising products. They are not only promotional products, but small personal gifts that the target audience can use. To advertise with promotional products means to show attention to your customers.

Buy advertising towel robes online

Whether if the presentee uses the bath robe at home, at the swimming pool or in the sauna, your advertising message is always present. In our online store you can easily print your logo or slogan onto these bathrobes and turn it into a special eye catcher. Our competent customer service is glad to help you by choosing and customizing the right bath robe. Start now to create your unique promotional products with allbranded as a reliable partner and creative support.