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Personalised Branded Sweets

Certainly you know the feeling when you realize on a long day in the afternoon how your blood sugar slips to the basement and you would like a small snack, right? And a small sweet would be just the right thing. And because you are not rhe only one with this wish, you should take advantage of it and sweets or other sweet advertising item by allbranded for your individual promotion. Delicious attention will be given to every taste and thanks to the possibility of customizing the advertising item with your logo, slogan or company name, the promotional gifts are even individually designed!

Sweets with logo for you

the name "Candy" comes from the french word and means "good". Already several thousand years before there was sweet like candy in China, Greece and the Roman Empire. At that time "sweets" were fruits and flowers fine coated with honey. From 700 n. Bc came the first sweets, which our current versions are very similar to. They consisted of sugar and fruit juice or sugar and herbs extracts. At that time still very expensive, sweets are now thanks to industrialization and excessive sugar beet cultivation no rarity. Instead, they are very popular as advertising article in companies. With prices in the smallest cent amounts and a high range, these giveaways are effective advertising for your organization. With the distribution of promotional candies you create a great reach for your company, increase its reputation and make customers, trade fair visitors, employees, journalists or business partners happy.

Sweets as advertising article for every occasion

Since the giving of snacks and treats has proven successful for quite some time, you should always be active in this type of promotion - you can never go wrong! Place sweets in a bowl on the counter in your company or in your trade fair stand and offer the merchandise if the customer cannot access it on his own. As well as the popular giveaway for internal events such as meetings, workshops or meetings sweets are very gladly distributed. Also in shopping streets and at railway stations you can gift passers-by with sweets, nicely packed in a paper bag, as part of a gift set. These sets are also conceivable advertising for press materials and as Christmas gifts. Enter to ballpoint pens and cup a few cute giveaways and your customers or employees will surerl take note of this attention.

For every taste: sweets of allbranded

Your customers, employees and business partners have different preferences. With the promotion sweets of allbranded that's no problem. These taste experiences select versatile advertising article in color and flavor that can inspire in the direction of each target group. So you can find in the online-shop of allbranded candies in blackberry, orange, apple, mint, eucalyptus, alpine herbs, lemon and strawberry flavor. But that are not the only fruit sweets of our assortment. Also throat drops, Jelly Beans or real Sylter Breezes Kloembjer can be customized. The advertisement for sweets can be printed on advertising wrapping, advertising sachets, letters or pocket doses. Choose depending on the occasion and target group for the customised packaging and make this online in accordance with your corporate design guidelines.

Individual advertising on sweets

Of course, you want not only to bring pleasure to your target groups, but also with the customizable candies, advertise your business. For us at allbranded is therefore the individualization of the pocket tin, advertising or promotional bags of your sweets very important, because it is crucial for a sustainable advertising effect. We offer you a high-quality digital printing that allows you to use the packaging of the sweets entirely according to your wishes and requirements. You can for example print your logo, company slogan or a memorable advertising slogan on the advertising Products. Sweeten with the promotional sweets not only the day of your customers, employees and co, but your complete advertising campaign and order delicious advertising items from allbranded!