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Certainly you know the situation: Whether at home, in the office or at a party, at some point, the small hunger and the longing for one or the other snack grows and grows. The demand for sweets is constant and therefore is a good starting point for your promotion. How about liquorice as a distribution item and giveaway? The distinctive taste of this sweet advertising makes it a very special treat. Whether young or old, with this promotional gift you can reach all target groups. allbranded also offers an individual design of this article with your logo or slogan, to help you remain in positive memories even long after the pleasure.

Delicious liquorice of allbranded as promotional article

Liquorice, also called sweet wood, stems from a herbaceous plant species, their homeland in the Mediterranean region and western Asia. Both teas also read in liquorice is gladly used, the contents of the root of the plant are extracted and concentrated. Since liquorice is a particularly popular snack world-wide, the suitability of it as a giveaway is unquestionable. Liquorice as advertising gift for customers and employees is a small but fine token of your appreciation. The sweet attention shows: You are important to us! As an advertising article liquorice is suitable for every target group and hardly anyone will reject this treat. To generate a great range for your advertising, which can be printed on advertising bags. The spread of such Products as merchandising products works simply and easily, for the recipient combines you and your company in the long term with the enjoyment of the moment and the creative advertising message.

Sweet advertising with licorice

Because giving away snacks and treats for quite some time has proved its worth, you should not skimp on these promotional items. A good price-performance ratio and the great popularity in the population makes liquorice an advertising medium with which you cannot go wrong. In relation to possible locations and events liquorice promotion offers you a large selection: provide for example at your conference rooms, your counter and office space with the individualized candy as a snack for your employees and guests. To view detailed loyalty to your corporate design. Likewise, the liquorice candy can be used at fairs, as a giveaway. Or you can give small pleasure sets, combined with delicious sweets like grape sugar and sweets. Distribute the giveaways at events in which your company is represented, such as conferences. With the promotional bags you nad over a discreet advertising media, whose effect is still very big: sympathy and awareness also increase with cheap giveaways. Your company will benefit from these gestures, build contact with potential customers and partners and maintain relationships with existing affinity groups.

Selection & personalization of your promotional liquorice

When we speak of liquorice, a large distinction must be made: in the allbranded online shop you will find both sweet and salty liquorice. Select according to your taste, or try both flavors. We offer these in various forms, such as bears, joggers or seaman node. You will also find in this category brand name products of Katjes and liquorice sweets with ammonium chloride in the form of tablets in the high-quality pcoket tins. Regardless of your decision for one of our liquorice promotional products, all products of this category can be individualized. This process is essential for the advertising effect and absolutely recommendable. During the individualization, logo, slogan or photo can be brought on the promotional bag or pocket tin with various finishing techniques to produce symbiosis with your corporate design. In allbranded even this small treats bring a unique look to your company!